Pregnant mum arrested over lockdown protest demands apology

The pregnant woman who live-streamed her arrest after allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest has said she wants an apology from Victorian premier Daniel Andrews.

Zoe Lee Buhler, 28, from Ballarat, Victoria made headlines around the world after footage of her arrest went viral last week. She is accused of organising a Freedom Day protest in Ballarat amid the coronavirus lockdown in Victoria.

Since the arrest was live-streamed on her Facebook last week, Ms Buhler was silent on social media until Sunday.

Zoe Lee Buhler has demanded Premier Daniel Andrew apologise on Facebook. Source: Facebook
Zoe Lee Buhler has demanded Premier Daniel Andrews apologise. Source: Facebook

In one of her posts made on Monday, she said she was “sick of living in fear” and demanded the Victorian premier apologise.

“Today it’s windy where I am and it sounded like there was a banging at the door,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I woke up thinking this is it, they’re coming to get me, all over me being awake and knowing the truth and for that for simply having knowledge I feel as if my life could end at any moment.

“Wake up people we can’t keep living this way! I want an apology from Dan Andrews. I thought he cared about keeping people safe? I don’t feel safe in Victoria.”

It wasn’t the first time Ms Buhler called out Mr Andrews, just a day before, in her first public social media post since the arrest, she shared a video of Mr Andrew’s announcing the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, extending Victoria’s lockdown.

“You are dooming us all Dan Andrews,” she wrote.

“Go to hell where you belong.”

Since Sunday Ms Buhler has been very active on social media, sharing videos of people protesting at anti-lockdown rallies over the weekend and confirming she is not an actor, as some apparently speculated.

Also on Sunday, she shared another live-stream, where Ms Buhler recited a poem she had written, titled ‘Remember, Remember’.

The livestream of the arrest now has over 10 million views and in the video, Ms Buhler is in her pyjamas, being arrested and told it was “in relation to a Facebook post, in relation to a lockdown protest for Saturday”.

Pictured is Zoe Lee Buhler who live-streamed her arrest on Facebook.
A pregnant Zoe Lee Buhler was arrested for incitement over allegedly planning a 'lockdown protest' Source: Facebook

Following Ms Buhler’s arrest last Wednesday, one of Victoria Police’s top cops defended the arrest saying he was “satisfied” with the way attending officers behaved.

Two days later a coronavirus conspirator in Melbourne, James Bartolo, live-streamed his dramatic arrest where police forced entry into his home.

Protests went ahead on Saturday across Melbourne’s CBD, resulting in 15 arrests – 14 for breaching Chief Health Officer’s directions, one for assaulting police.

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