'Predatory' grandma had sex with 15yo boy

A "predatory" grandmother has been added to Britain's Sex Offender Register after having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Linda Whatton, 38, had been on a series of dates with teenagers in the past, and admitted to unlawful sexual activity with a child.

After being sentenced to an eight-month suspended prison term in Preston Crown Court, Whatton said: "I won't be doing that again - what a mistake".

The two-month secret affair was uncovered after rumours circulating around town reached the boy's mother, who then took the matter to police.

"People have been beating me, putting the windows through, calling me 'pedo'," Whatton said after sentencing.

"I only just moved into a new house and I already got my windows put through."

Whatton's defence lawyers claimed the grandmother thought the boy was 16.

She began sleeping with the boy after he had been kicked out of home and he was an "active part" in the pair's relationship, the court heard.

Judge Simon Newall said: "Men and woman should be treated the same with regard to breaches of the law.

"Whether or not I agree that women's sexuality should or shouldn't be considered the same, it's very serious and she needs to be aware of that."

The judge believed reports that Whatton liked to go on dates with her teenage son's friends.

"That means she goes out with teenage lads," he added.

"I'm not sentencing her for that but she needs to understand that if she's going to go out with teenage lads they have got to be 16. If it happens again she won't be let off at second time."

He said: "Normal people that have sex of whatever type with somebody under 16 go to prison. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman.

"The complainant was 15 and a half at the time. He seemed to take an active part but it's still a criminal offence."

In prosecuting the woman, lawyer Katie Jones said: "The complainant's mother became aware of rumours circulating in the area that the complainant had had sexual intercourse with some kind of relationship. She confronted him and at first he denied it was true.

"In December he admitted that he had in fact had sex with the defendant and he told his mother everything. The defendant at the time was 37 years old.

"His mother was a witness against the defendant, stating she is the mother of the complainant and she'd had a conversation when her son moved in with the defendant when he was thrown out of the family home.

"She said at the time she'd been relieved he'd found some place to stay. The defendant asked about when school ended, saying he could stay and his mother said he was only 15 and had to go to school or she'd be fined."