Prabowo vows to fight for all Indonesians

Indonesia president-elect Prabowo Subianto has vowed to fight for all Indonesians and called for unity among political elites to take the country forward, as he seeks to strengthen his parliamentary clout ahead of taking office in October.

Speaking at a ceremony where he was being confirmed as the winner of the February 14 election, Prabowo, who won by a huge margin, said he was talking to elites in the country and it was vital parties could get along together for the common good.

Prabowo, who was tacitly backed by popular incumbent Joko Widodo, is seeking to broaden his coalition in the new parliament and is in talks with parties who backed his election rivals.

"I will prove that I will fight for all Indonesians, including those who did not vote for me," Prabowo said on Wednesday.

"If Indonesia wants to survive, becoming a prosperous country, all elites must work together. If we dare to leave our differences aside, let's leave our feelings, let's find our love for the country, let's sacrifice together for our people."

The confirmation comes two days after the Constitutional Court rejected challenges from both losing candidates seeking a re-run of the presidential election and the disqualification of Prabowo and his running mate, ending all election disputes.

In his speech, Prabowo vowed to end poverty and corruption, adding he intends to bring improvement to all Indonesians.

He also said a free press was vital in Indonesia, describing it as "the absolute requirement for democracy".

Defence Minister Prabowo's current alliance comprises 48 per cent of seats in the parliament but his senior aides have said he aims to expand his coalition to secure a majority of seats.