Power Book IV: Force season 2 ending explained

joseph sikora as tommy egan in power book iv force season 2, episode 9
Power Book IV: Force season 2 ending explainedLionsgate+

Power Book IV: Force season 2 finale spoilers follow.

The final episode of Power Book IV: Force season two wrapped up the debut season with lots of twists that put Tommy in particular through his paces.

"One of the mantras that we wanted for Tommy's arc this season, as he says early on in the season is, 'I'm tired of being at the bottom of the top. I want to be [a] connect,'" Showrunner Gary Lennon explained to Variety.

"So, the arc, if you need to put it in a paragraph, is the idea that Tommy Egan got what he wanted — to become a connect, but it cost him everything that he loved. That's the real hardship. So is it worth it?" That's what we're all wondering. Here's how his season one journey came to an end.

Power Book IV: Force ending explained: What happened to Tommy?

After Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) finally got the proof he needed to reveal that Vic Flynn (Shane Harper) was indeed the snitch – after spotting Vic and AUSA Stacy Marks (Miriam A Hyman) at a debriefing meeting in the previous episode – he set his plan in motion to take Vic down for good.

The final episode saw Tommy and Diamond Sampson (Isaac Keys) accost Vic on a rooftop to feed the confidential informant bad intel about their next meeting with Miguel's cartel hookup Che. Vic played right into their hands, providing the intel straight back to the Feds. When the Feds arrived to raid the place, they found Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons) and Serbs leader Mirkovic with the Marquez Cartel instead, and arrested them both.

isaac keys as diamond sampson, shane harper as vic flynn, joseph sikora as tommy egan, power book iv force season 2 episode 10
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Tommy, keeping a firm grip on Vic, continued with the lie that they were off to the meeting, and a nervous Vic revealed on the car ride that his sister Claudia was the one who killed Tommy's friend Liliana (Audrey Esparza), confirming Tommy's longstanding suspicions.

What happened to Vic and Claudia Flynn?

After being betrayed by her own brother – to be fair, she betrayed him first when she set him up to be killed along with her father Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan) – who recorded her murderous confession and handed it to AUSA Stacy Marks, Claudia was arrested on conspiracy for murder during the Feds' raid and was swiftly taken to jail where she made a phone call to Shanti (Adrienne Walker).

lili simmons as claudia flynn, power book iv force season 2, episode 9

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Pleading for help and seeking revenge on Tommy and her brother for setting her up, Claudia quickly realised that Shanti was playing both sides. Then Tommy came to the phone to give her a "very special gift from Liliana" – a blade plunged into Claudia's back by another inmate.

As Claudia was stabbed, she dropped to the floor touching her blood-soaked prison-issue jumpsuit. While Shanti believed the "bitch is dead", without a body bag, it's safe to say that Claudia's fate is unknown.

While Tommy made Diamond (and us) believe that Vic had been handled, he revealed to Diamond during celebrations of CBI becoming the new Chicago connect that Vic was still alive. He said he could be useful as an informant inside the FBI until Tommy was ready to switch things up as they now "own him". The last we saw of Vic, he was being held up by two of CBI's henchmen and AUSA Stacy Marks and her team were on their way to rescue him.

Did Diamond get his revenge on Leon's killers?

While Tommy dealt with Vic, his nephew D-Mac (Lucien Cambric) returned to Chicago after leaving the youth academy after getting into a fight with another student. Adamant he would return to street life without his uncle Tommy or his father JP Gibbs's (Anthony Fleming III) knowledge, D-Mac found out that Diamond wanted Leon's killer Mad Dog dead, and CBI couldn't take the shot because it would ruin their coalition with prisoner and RD leader King Kilo (Glen 'Big Baby' Davis).

kris d lofton as jenard, isaac keys as diamond, power book iv force season 2, episode 9

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Convinced he helped his uncle Tommy when he killed a cop to save him, D-Mac wanted to help CBI and set out to kill Mad Dog. After tailing him at a basketball court, D-Mac fired two shots, killing him, and took pictures as proof of his kill to show Diamond.

How Power Book IV: Force season 2 finale sets up season 3

Tommy made a lot of enemies during this season of Force, and arguably everyone has put a target on his back. Top of the list is Jenard (Kris D Lofton), who's had an issue with the New York native since he set foot in Chicago.

And now that Jenard's brother Diamond and Tommy are working together at the top of CBI (where Jenard once was), he's not happy. To add fuel to the fire between Miguel and Tommy, Jenard and Shanti sent over a picture of Tommy with Miguel's sister Mireya (Carmela Zumbado), confirming their relationship.

With Miguel (Manuel Ramirez) still reeling over the death of his abuelita, and blaming Tommy for everything, the picture of his sister and Tommy together was all the fuel he needed to literally set fire to their tickets to Barcelona, where the lovers were planning to run off to.

Mireya called Tommy, who answered to hear Miguel on the phone warning him that he "always plays by the rules", and that Tommy will "never see Mireya again". With the sudden disappearance of Mireya, Tommy and Miguel are certain to come to blows in season 3.

joseph sikora as tommy egan, carmela zumbado as mireya, power book iv force season 2, episode 9

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It's not looking good for Tommy's family either. The finale saw D-Mac call his father JP Gibbs a homophobic slur in a heated argument as D-Mac wanted to return to his 'real family', the streets, while Kate (Patricia Kalember) overdosed on cocaine that Tommy gave her when she went to tell him she was going to finally get clean.

Throwing the keys to the bar to Tommy, JP told him he could keep running his drugs through there, but he was on his own and not his brother. Season three will likely see this play out with JP, Kate, D-Mac and Tommy's family falling apart.

The finale also teased at a potential rift opening between Diamond and Tommy. After Tommy revealed that he didn’t get rid of Vic as they had planned earlier in the episode, Tommy explained that Diamond and CBI would not be Chicago's new connect without him. Diamond then trumped him, saying that Tommy would be dead without him, and that it wasn't always about him.

Who will return for Force season 3?

While the cast for season three is yet to be confirmed, fans can expect series regulars Joseph Sikora, Isaac Keys, Kris D Lofton, Manuel Ramirez and Adrienne Walker to all return. Tommy's family members JP Gibbs (Anthony Fleming III), mother Kate (Patricia Kalember) and D-Mac (Lucien Cambric) are all likely to return to the series.

While the fates of siblings Claudia (Lili Simmons) and Vic Flynn (Shane Harper), are still unknown, we may see them back for season three.

Power Book IV: Force airs on Starz in the US and streams on Lionsgate+ in the UK.

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