Postie's 'lazy' package delivery method caught on customer's CCTV

An Australia Post customer has caught a postie on CCTV failing to deliver a package while they were at home waiting for a knock on the door.

The vision posted on the Australia Post Complaints Facebook Page on Tuesday shows the mail carrier pulling up to the letterbox and looking into it before grabbing a small parcel out of the back of the bike.

“This is our postie not delivering my parcel,” the customer’s caption on the video reads.

Source: Facebook/Australia Post Complaints
Source: Facebook/Australia Post Complaints

The postie never gets off the bike to check if the receiver is home but spends time filling out a collection notice that meant the customer, who lives in Cobbitty southwest of Sydney, had to travel to a post office to pick up the package.

“I had a 10km turn around trip to the post office to collect it,” he said.

The customer claimed he found the situation particularly frustrating as he had made an effort to stay home after being notified that the parcel, which required a signature on delivery, was due to arrive that day.

“He was supposed to bring it to the door for a signature,” the customer wrote.

When others in the group suggested that the letterbox may have been too full for the parcel to fit, the customer said that wasn’t a good enough excuse.

An Australia Post location.
The customer had to travel to a post office to pick up the parcel even though he had selected 'door to door' delivery and was home when the postie arrived.Source: AAP/Brendan Esposito, file

“I paid for door to door delivery ... the letterbox was empty,” he responded.

People in the group were annoyed that the postie didn’t attempt to do his job.

“Why didn't he just ride his motorcycle up the driveway and drop it at the front door? A 60 second job, lazy,” one person wrote.

Another person agreed, baffled that the postie spent the time filling out the notice when it would have been faster to knock on the door.

“It would have taken him less time to actually deliver it,” one commented.

The customer told Yahoo News Australia he made an official complaint about the incident and Australia Post was investigating.

“We will investigate what has happened in this case and if we find fault, we will take disciplinary action,” a spokesperson for Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia.

A text response from Australia Post.
After he complained, the poster received the above text response from Australia post saying they would investigate. Source: Supplied

This isn’t the first time Australia Post has been accused of employing ‘lazy posties’ who fail to deliver.

Dozens of customers have claimed posties have left "sorry we missed you" cards at their door without bothering to ring the bell or knock to check someone is home.

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