Post-Bloomberg budget

<p>The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg budget for Tuesday, May 28, 2024.</p> <p>All stories have moved unless otherwise noted.</p> <p>The News Service hours of operation are as follows, with exceptions for breaking news or major news events:</p> <p>Weekdays: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET</p> <p>Weekends and holidays: Noon to 7:30 p.m. ET</p> <p>For questions about stories, photos or graphics, please contact us through our delivery site: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Top stories</p> <p>NEW--GAZA-AID - Pentagon suspends aid deliveries via Gaza pier after repeated mishaps. 885 words, by Dan Lamothe, Alex Horton and Kareem Fahim (Post).</p> <p>ISRAEL-RAFAH - About a million people have fled Rafah in past three weeks, UNRWA says. 795 words, by Sarah Dadouch, Hajar Harb, Loveday Morris and Adela Suliman (Post).</p> <p>PAPUANEWGUINEA - Papua New Guinea landslide impacts 7,900 people as hope for survivors dims. 530 words, by Ellen Francis and Morgan Coates (Post). 1 video.</p> <p>VATICAN-APOLOGY - Vatican apologizes after Pope Francis is accused of using homophobic slur. 1,280 words, by Anthony Faiola and Stefano Pitrelli (Post).</p> <p>STORMS - Violent storms slam Houston and Dallas as 1.4 million lose power in Texas. 655 words, by Matthew Cappucci and Ian Livingston (Special to The Washington Post).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>National</p> <p>NEW--TRUMP-FACTCHECK - Donald Trump’s (misleading) closing argument to the court of public opinion. 1,670 words, by Glenn Kessler (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>BIDEN-TRUMPCOURT - Biden campaign edges in on Trump trial media frenzy with Robert De Niro outside court. 595 words, by Isaac Arnsdorf and Tyler Pager (Post). 2 photos.</p> <p>HOUSE-GONZALES - SAN ANTONIO - Tony Gonzales fights for his seat, and for governing in Washington. 1,670 words, by Marianna Sotomayor (Post). 9 photos.</p> <p>DNC-BIDEN - DNC prepares to nominate President Biden via “virtual roll call” before convention. 700 words, by Patrick Svitek (Post).</p> <p>RFK-STATUES - RFK Jr. had a “visceral” reaction to tear-downs of Confederate statues. 445 words, by Mariana Alfaro (Post).</p> <p>HOUSING-POLITICS - Skyrocketing rents and home prices may be pivotal in the 2024 election. 1,860 words, by Leigh Ann Caldwell (Post). 2 photos.</p> <p>TRUMP-MCGUIRE - Donald Trump endorses Va. state Sen. McGuire over Bob Good for Congress. 425 words, by Laura Vozzella (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>TEXAS-TRUMP - Trump seeks to unseat Texas House speaker in incursion into state politics. 770 words, by Patrick Svitek (Post).</p> <p>TRUMP-DONORS - Trump makes sweeping promises to donors on audacious fundraising tour. 1,680 words, by Josh Dawsey (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>BUZZFEED-BG - Ramaswamy urges BuzzFeed to cut jobs, air more conservative voices. 425 words, by Cameron Baker (Bloomberg).</p> <p>DC-TAPS - Playing taps is a solemn duty. He wanted to do it right. 785 words, by Michael Laris (Post). 4 photos.</p> <p>VIRGINIA-DOJ - Justice Department fines Va. tech firm over ‘whites only’ job posting. 595 words, by Daniel Wu (Post).</p> <p>DRAG-LAWSUIT - Jury awards drag performer $1.1M in case against blogger who made false posts. 555 words, by Praveena Somasundaram (Post).</p> <p>CHICAGO-CONVICTION - Freed murder convict sues Chicago over eyewitness who turned out to be blind. 575 words, by Frances Vinall (Post).</p> <p>DOMINION-FACTCHECK - Leading pollster spreads Dominion voting machine misinformation. 1,765 words, by Glenn Kessler (Post).</p> <p>JUDGE-TRUMP - Judge rejects request to restrict Trump’s speech on FBI, says motion was faulty. 745 words, by Perry Stein (Post).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>World</p> <p>NEW--BRAZIL-CLIMATE - PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil - Catastrophic flooding in southern Brazil has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. Many say they won’t go back. 1,445 words, by Marina Dias and Terrence McCoy (Post). 12 photos, 1 video.</p> <p>NEW--USCUBA-SANCTIONS - Biden administration eases some economic restrictions on Cuba. 740 words, by Karen DeYoung (Post).</p> <p>NETHERLANDS - Netherlands’ hard-right coalition chooses former spy chief as PM. 545 words, by Emily Rauhala and Adela Suliman (Post).</p> <p>NATO-UKRAINE - NATO chief and European allies urge U.S. to let Ukraine strike inside Russia. 1,165 words, by Siobhán O’Grady and Serhiy Morgunov (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>RAFAH - Eyewitnesses describe horrific scenes after Israeli strike on Rafah camp. 1,380 words, by Miriam Berger and Hajar Harb (Post). 2 videos. Moved Monday night.</p> <p>GEORGIA - Georgia Parliament overrides veto on foreign-agent law, in victory for Russia. 1,265 words, by Robyn Dixon (Post).</p> <p>TAIWAN-BG - Taiwan lawmakers pass bill to curb president’s powers. 820 words, by Chien-Hua Wan and Spe Chen (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>THAILAND-MARIJUANA - Thai cannabis supporters plan legal challenge of policy U-turn. 410 words, by Patpicha Tanakasempipat (Bloomberg).</p> <p>SPITFIRE-CRASH - British air force grounds WWII-era fleet after deadly Spitfire crash. 390 words, by Andrew Jeong (Post).</p> <p>EUROPE-ENERGY - Airbus, BMW to grab share of hydrogen aid in Europe. 205 words, by Ewa Krukowska (Bloomberg).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Financial</p> <p>FTX-BG - First of Bankman-Fried FTX lieutenants gets 7.5 years in prison. 515 words, by Ava Benny-Morrison and Chris Dolmetsch (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>BONDS-BG - Muni market sees biggest boom in bond sales since at least 2013. 640 words, by Aashna Shah and Amanda Albright (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>VW-BG - VW to build over $20,000 EVs on its own, forgoing partnerships. 320 words, by Wilfried Eckl-Dorna (Bloomberg).</p> <p>SHELL-BG - Shell plans job cuts in offshore wind business. 305 words, by William Mathis (Bloomberg).</p> <p>MISTRAL-BG - Mistral AI, France’s startup darling, takes aim at the U.S. market. 795 words, by Mark Bergen (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>REALTORS - Real estate agents are fleeing the field. Is that good for homebuyers? 1,105 words, by Aaron Gregg (Post). 1 graphic.</p> <p>BUSINESS-TMOBILE - T-Mobile will buy U.S. Cellular’s wireless business in $4.4 billion deal. 180 words, by Aaron Gregg (Post). Also TMOBILE-BG (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>EVS-BG - Slowdown in U.S. electric vehicle sales looks more like a blip. 1,120 words, by Tom Randall (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>SUGAR-BG - Weight-loss drugs are coming to bite a sugar industry in denial. 1,040 words, by Ilena Peng and Dayanne Sousa (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>WALLSTREET-BG - Wall Street moves to fastest settlement of trades in a century. 700 words, by Greg Ritchie (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>CONSUMER-BG - U.S. consumer confidence rises for first time in four months. 340 words, by Daniel Neligh (Bloomberg).</p> <p>HOUSING-BG - Home-price growth in key U.S. cities accelerates as buyers hit. 315 words, by Prashant Gopal (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>MARKETS-BG - Treasuries hit as U.S. sales struggle to lure buyers. 980 words, by Rita Nazareth (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>BITCOIN-BG - Riot Platforms pursues takeover of rival Bitcoin miner Bitfarms. 625 words, by Matthew Monks and David Pan (Bloomberg).</p> <p>SHANGHAI-ECON - Shanghai eases housing requirements as aid spreads to big cities. 320 words, by Bloomberg News (Bloomberg).</p> <p>BRAZIL-ECON - Brazil consumer prices rise less than forecast. 475 words, by Andrew Rosati (Bloomberg).</p> <p>ENERGY-ASSETS - Europe’s biggest pension fund sells billions in fossil fuels. 435 words, by Sarah Jacob and Cagan Koc (Bloomberg).</p> <p>NOVELIS-BG - Aluminum producer Novelis seeks up to $945 million in IPO. 340 words, by Ryan Gould and Mark Burton (Bloomberg).</p> <p>SAUDI-ECON - Investors pile into Saudi IPOs with $176 billion in orders. 660 words, by Julia Fioretti (Bloomberg).</p> <p>RUSSIA-CRYPTO - Russian firms turn to crypto for China commodities trade. 675 words, by Bloomberg News (Bloomberg).</p> <p>JAPAN-ECON - Japan’s yen falls to weakest in almost 16 years versus pound. 300 words, by Anya Andrianova (Bloomberg).</p> <p>BIOENERGY-BG - Waste-to-fuel company that raised $1 billion verges on collapse. 965 words, by Ben Elgin (Bloomberg).</p> <p>PUERTORICO-BG - Reuben Brothers bet on $2 billion Puerto Rico project. 465 words, by Natalie Wong and Jim Wyss (Bloomberg).</p> <p>SUBWAY-BG - Banks start bond sale for Roark’s Subway sandwich chain LBO. 285 words, by Immanual John Milton and Charles Williams (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>BYD-BG - BYD shows off new hybrid powertrain capable of ultra-long drive. 325 words, by Danny Lee (Bloomberg).</p> <p>ENERGY-BG - Energy Transfer to buy Permian operator WTG for $3.3 billion. 305 words, by Joe Ryan and Elizabeth Elkin (Bloomberg).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Tech</p> <p>TECH-APPLEMICROSOFT - Apple and Microsoft want you to notice how their AI works. But why? 720 words, by Shira Ovide (Post).</p> <p>TECH-AI - OpenAI starts training a new AI model to power ChatGPT. 500 words, by Pranshu Verma (Post).</p> <p>OPENAI-BG - OpenAI creates oversight board featuring Sam Altman after dissolving safety team. 455 words, by Mark Bergen (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>APPLE-BG - Apple’s China iPhone shipments up 52% as rebound gains steam. 350 words, by Gao Yuan (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Health and Science</p> <p>FRIENDSHIPS - Why in-person friendships are better for health than virtual pals. 1,165 words, by Marta Zaraska (Special to The Washington Post).</p> <p>NOVO-BG - Novo blames U.S. health system after Sanders’ Wegovy criticism. 435 words, by Naomi Kresge (Bloomberg).</p> <p>J&amp;J-BG - J&amp;J acquires experimental eczema drug in $1.25 billion cash ceal. 225 words, by Damian Garde (Bloomberg).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Environment</p> <p>NEW--HEAT - Brutal heat dome baking Mexico is heading for the U.S. What you need to know. 830 words, by Ian Livingston (Special to The Washington Post).</p> <p>NEW--INDIA-HEAT-BG - India temperature surpasses 122F as brutal heat waves grip nation. 325 words, by Pratik Parija and Atul Prakash (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>ELECTRICITY-GRID - How a simple fix could double the size of the U.S. electricity grid. 945 words, by Shannon Osaka (Post).</p> <p>AMAZON-BG - Amazon degradation soars with Brazil facing labor spat, El Nino. 225 words, by Leonardo Lara (Bloomberg). 1 photo.</p> <p>CLIMATE-CARBON - Yellen embraces carbon market potential with push for integrity. 700 words, by Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Natasha White (Bloomberg).</p> <p>BOVAER-BG - FDA approves feed ingredient to cut dairy cow methane emissions. 265 words, by Ilena Peng (Bloomberg).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Entertainment</p> <p>NEW--FILM-HOME-ALONE - “Home Alone” house on the market for $5.25 million. 400 words, by Herb Scribner (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>MUSIC-WUTANGCLAN - World’s only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s mythical album to be played for public. 595 words, by Leo Sands (Post).</p> <p>ART-CARAVAGGIO - Long-lost Caravaggio painting of “extraordinary value” shown for first time. 465 words, by Niha Masih (Post).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Features</p> <p>TRAVEL-POINTS - Points influencers are everywhere. Some trips look too good to be true. 1,375 words, by Chris Dong (Special to The Washington Post).</p> <p>FOOD-CHICKENTACOS - These chicken tacos with charred corn salsa embrace the heat. 1,240 words, by Aaron Hutcherson (Post). 2 photos.</p> <p>ASK-ELAINE - Ask Elaine: My mother keeps dumping boxes of unwanted gifts on me. 795 words, by Elaine Welteroth (Special to The Washington Post).</p> <p>BOOKS-BRODEUR - A brief history of muscles and their meaning. 1,230 words, by Caleb Crain (Special to The Washington Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>SPIRIT-WEEK - Why is it always spirit week? 1,525 words, by Caitlin Gibson (Post).</p> <p>BOOKS-RUCKER - Darius Rucker’s memoir may surprise you. But he wants to be honest. 1,695 words, by Emily Yahr (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>BOOKS-NEWMAN - Beach house, check. Family drama, check. ‘Sandwich’ is that summer book. 830 words, by Marion Winik (Special to The Washington Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Sports</p> <p>NEW--GLF-THOMPSON - LANCASTER, Pa. - Lexi Thompson, 29, shocks golf world with retirement announcement. 800 words, by Gene Wang (Post). 1 photo.</p> <p>FBN-OFFSEASON - NFLPA set to propose reconfiguring NFL’s offseason workout schedule. 695 words, by Mark Maske (Post).</p> <p>BBN-HERNANDEZ-MISSES - “He’s a bad umpire”: Ángel Hernández’s greatest misses. 830 words, by Matt Bonesteel (Post).</p> <p>BBN-HERNANDEZ - Ángel Hernández, baseball’s most infamous umpire, is retiring. 515 words, by Chelsea Janes (Post).</p> <p>BKN-BUCKNER - After sweeping Indiana, the remade Celtics are ready for a new ending. 1,130 words, by Candace Buckner (Post).</p> <p>WALTON-OBIT - Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton dies at 71 after cancer battle. 955 words, by Ben Golliver (Post).</p> <p>- - -</p> <p>Opinion</p> <p>BIDENDEAL-COMMENT - President Biden’s deal with Saudi Arabia may be dead on arrival, thankfully. 860 words, by Josh Rogin (Post).</p> <p>DIVIDE-COMMENT - How geography and religion drive America’s blue vs. red divide. 1,160 words, by Perry Bacon Jr. (Post). 1 graphic.</p> <p>MEXICO-COMMENT - The real transformation Mexico needs. 1,045 words, by Eduardo Porter (Post).</p> <p>KENBURNS-COMMENT - The media and sullen nonvoters should listen to Ken Burns. 1,010 words, by Jennifer Rubin (Post). 1 photo.</p>