How can you make Cami choose herself in Netflix's Choose Love?

choose love outcomes
How can you make Cami pick herself in Choose Love?Netflix

*Contains spoilers*

Netflix's newest rom-com Choose Love just dropped, and it's got a major twist. Well several twists in fact, as it's Netflix's first interactive rom-com, allowing viewers to select the romantic journey main character Cami (Laura Marano) goes on with her three potential love interests.

There's Paul (Scott Michael Foster), Cami's dependable long-term boyfriend. Jack (Jordi Webber) the high-school sweetheart who was the one who got away, and a rock star called Rex (Avan Jogia).

Throughout the film you can make various decisions for Cami, from whether she should pick the good or bad news from a fortune teller, to whether she should accept a proposal. So don't be absent-mindedly scrolling on your phone, you have some big decisions to make about Cami's future.

choose love outcomes

Given there's many possibilities and options with Cami's story, you're unlikely to have the exact same ending as other viewers. This is everything you need to know about all the possible outcomes of Choose Love.

How many outcomes are there in Choose Love?


Throughout Choose Love you have multiple chances to change the course of Cami's future. The film begins with Cami telling a fortune teller she feels like she's missing something in her life, despite having a "seemingly perfect" life on the outside. She has a good job, a home and a longterm boyfriend Paul, but it's not enough.

The next day we see her drop her niece at school where she runs into an old flame Jack and later at work meets a new guy Rex, a musician. Then throughout the film you have to make various choices about how she responds to each guy.

So far it appears there are at least six different endings to Cami's story, including two very empowering ones in which she rejects all three guys and chooses herself instead.

Many of the endings include Paul proposing in Las Vegas, with one possibility being that Cami says yes and the pair end up getting married in Vegas, and another where they end up engaged but we don't see what happens next.

There's also the Jack ending when Cami chooses to go travelling with him after rejecting Paul's proposal. Or alternatively you can see Cami end up in Paris with Rex.

How can you make Cami end up with Paul?

Think Paul was the right guy for Cami from that first game night? Well then this is how you ensure Cami ends up with Paul at the end of Choose Love.

The first way for Cami to end up with Paul is to pick him directly after the dream sequence. This will then see her go to work where you'll pick for her to either quit her job or get a raise. Regardless of which of those options you pick Cami will then go to Paul's house, tell him the truth about everything that's been going on and they'll then get engaged.

Another way she can end up with Paul is if after the dream sequence she goes to Vegas with Jack to protest the hotels, Paul will call her and say they need to break up for good as he can't live in limbo. You can then choose for her to fight for Paul or stay with Jack. Obviously if you pick fight for Paul she ends up with Paul and does so by rushing to his house and explaining everything.

choose love outcomes

If you opt for her to stay with Jack, Cami can still end up with Paul. During her time in Vegas she then runs into Rex who offers her the chance to come with him and perform, if you pick this then she later gets the option to call or not call Paul. If she chooses to call Paul he offers to come and watch her perform as moral support. Then they end up getting married in Vegas, with Rex at the wedding.

Or if you opt for her to stay with Jack and not go with Rex, Paul will show up in Vegas and propose. And if you choose for to Cami say yes they then also get married in Vegas. Basically, all roads lead back to Paul.

How can you make Cami end up with Jack?

choose love outcomes

We're suckers for a reunion story and if you are too then this is how you can ensure Cami ends up with her high school boyfriend Jack.

For Cami to end up with Jack you need her to pick him during the dream and go with him to the Vegas demonstration. However, before this she will still go through the job dilemma and see Paul to discuss their relationship.

During the protest you then need to pick Jack again when offered the opportunity to go with Rex and perform. Paul will then show up and propose to Cami, and for her to end up with Jack you need to reject Paul's proposal and choose Jack.

How can you make Cami end up with Rex?

Feel like Cami would be best off with a rockstar? Then this is how you ensure she ends up with Rex.

The easiest way to make sure Cami ends up with Rex is to pick him in the dream scene. Cami will then wake up and text him for him to tell her when he's back in town. He later invites her to come and record with him in San Francisco. She then goes through the job scenario again and discuss her situation with Paul, leaving them in limbo.

choose love outcomes

Rex then changes the plan and they go to Las Vegas to perform. In order for to stay with Rex, you need to reject Paul's FaceTime in the hotel suite. Rex will then ask where in the world she wants to go and if she agrees to go with him they'll end up in love and in Paris.

You can also get Rex as another end game for Cami when selecting Jack after the dream sequence. Cami will go with Jack to the protest, but run into Rex and agree to perform with him, which then sets in motion the same scenario above where she rejects Paul's call and goes to Paris with Rex.

How can you make Cami choose herself?

Er, think all these guys aren't exactly up to scratch? Fair. You can also choose for Cami to end up by herself, here's how.

First of all if you pick Paul at any stage there's then no chance for Cami to end up single. In all instances with Paul the couple either end up engaged or married in Las Vegas.

So in order for Cami to end up single she needs to pick Jack or Rex during the dream sequence. If you pick Jack, they go to Vegas together, where Paul turns up and proposes. After rejecting Paul's proposal, you think it's going to be Jack and Cami as end game, but you can actually pick for Cami to then be by herself.

Alternatively you can see Cami pick Rex and travel with him to perform in Vegas. Rex soon asks her where she wants to travel to with him, but she can pick to reject his offer. Cami will then be single and focussing on her music career and setting up her own label. We love to see it.

Choose Love is available on Netflix now

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