Port Stanvac refinery chimney demolished

A 100 metre chimney that has blotted the coastal skyline south of Adelaide for almost 40 years has gone out with a bang, being demolished in a matter of seconds.

It is a symbolic step in the future of the Port Stanvac refinery, but it could still be years before the site is safe for use again.

For the locals watching on at today's demolition, it was a joyous occasion.

“We saw that stack every day of our lives and to tell you the truth, I’m happy to see it come down,” one said.

At its peak the Mobil refinery employed more than 400 people and produced 90 per cent of South Australia’s petrol and diesel.

It was mothballed in 2003 as profits dried up.

The pictures below show the final seconds of the chimney as it plunged into the ground.

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