Guy Pearce delights fans with unexpected Neighbours update

Guy Pearce delights fans with unexpected Neighbours update

Guy Pearce has confirmed he will be making an appearance in the forthcoming reboot of Neighbours.

Streaming service Amazon is relaunching the Australian soap after what fans believed to be the show’s finale aired in July last year.

The original series followed the lives of the residents of residents of Ramsay Street, a cul-de-sac in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough.

Pearce, 55, first appeared in the role of Mike Young in 1986, and went on to star in over 400 episodes over three years.

In April 2022, the LA Confidential star also made an appearance in the “finale” alongside Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, where his character was reunited with former flame Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

Speaking on the Good Weekend Talks podcast, Pearce revealed he would appear in the new season of the Neighbours reboot.

“Annie and I called each other, ‘What do we do now, because we’re living in the street,’” Pearce said. “And she said, ‘Well I’m all right because I’m on the show anyway, but what are you going to do?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ So we’re in the process of working it out.

“Obviously, if I’m going to extricate myself from the show, I want to do it respectfully. I wasn’t just gonna go, ‘Well, bad luck. You had your chance, that was it,’ you know. So there may be a little appearance or two, shall we say.”


What was intended as the final episode of Neighbours on Channel 5 aired in July 2022, when the soap failed to secure new funding after being dropped by the broadcaster.

Three months later, however, it was announced that Amazon would revive the soap after 1.2 million fans in Australia, and 3 million in the UK, tuned into watch the finale.

Pearce had previously joked that Robbie could request the return of the crate of champagne she sent to producers to say “thank you”, quipping that the rescue by Amazon made the “finale” look like “a rather expensive exercise”.

The new series of Neighbours is reportedly set to air in the second half of 2023.