Popular Aussie beach trashed during bout of warm weather: 'Really pathetic'

Disappointed locals say they expect the trend to continue with forecasts of more sweltering conditions this week.

Fed-up locals have called for more bins to be installed around our coastlines after "entitled" beachgoers left a popular beach in a "disgusting" state at the weekend, which people say is a regular occurrence.

Jam-packed beaches is something Aussies have grown to expect in the summer months, with tourists and locals alike flocking to the sea to cool down and soak up the sun's rays. Although local businesses enjoy the influx of foot traffic, residents living near some of Sydney's busiest beaches say with extra visitors also comes "lazy" behaviour.

Such was the case at Coogee, in the city's east, with images posted to social media on Sunday showing rubbish scattered all over the sand, dotting the shoreline as sea gulls pick through the litter. In the pictures, dozens of empty bottles can be seen on the sand along with empty food packages and discarded belongings.

Rubbish left at Coogee beach.
Beer bottles, food wrappers and discarded belongings were seen on Coogee beach. Source: Facebook.

Images of rubbish-filled beach outrages locals

Furious Eastern Suburbs residents slammed the "absolutely appalling" behaviour, with people calling for more rubbish bins to cater to the growing crowds.

"I pick up bags full of plastic bottles at the northern end of Maroubra Beach," a person wrote. "In the two years I've been living nearby, l've never seen a ranger, but really, how hard is it to put rubbish in a bin.

"Yesterday I collected 40 bottles along the rocks. It's really pathetic."

Rubbish left at Coogee Beach.
People have said the beach was left in an "absolutely appalling" state. Source: Facebook.

Others said they "truly don't understand the mindset" with some locals describing the environmental hazard as "absolutely appalling."

"It's disgusting to think in this day and age people still don't know how to respect their surroundings and nature. Leave your bad habits at home," a furious local wrote.

"The trouble with Eastern Suburbs beaches is there are no bins on the beach. If you provide a bin then people will use it [instead of] leaving it," said another.

Mayor warns beachgoers

Randwick City Council Mayor Philipa Veitch issued a warning to people hoping to visit beaches in the area.

"Our message is simple: please take your rubbish with you. We will be adding more bins and more staff to empty the bins at our busiest areas. However, if the bin is full or you are in an area with no bins please take your rubbish home," she said in a warning issued late last month.

Rubbish left at Coogee Beach.
Coogee locals have slammed the 'lazy' behaviour of beachgoers at the weekend. Source: Facebook.

"Rubbish left on beaches or in parks can end up in our oceans. If you’ve enjoyed a swim for the day, look after our waterways and take your rubbish with you when you leave. Our staff do a great job and that’s helped when every visitor puts their rubbish in the bins provided or takes it home with them."

Recently, residents in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, were disappointed and “dumbfounded” by the bad behaviour of tourists who spent their Christmas break camping by the beach. The once pristine Noosa North Shore was left covered in litter with discarded camping gear, including new tents and popular cabanas, which were abandoned by holidaymakers fleeing the extreme weather that battered Queensland.

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