Policeman's kind favour for resident of quarantine tower

In Melbourne’s locked-down public housing towers, 3000 residents aren’t permitted to leave for any reason as the government tries to contain the growing number of coronavirus cases among those living there.

There has been backlash over the extreme move with residents speaking out about lack of basic groceries and a mother who told media she was forced to be apart from her newborn baby.

A team of 500 police are guarding the entrance to the nine towers to ensure residents stay inside – but one officer has gone out of his way to assist a four-legged resident who needed some special assistance.

A police officer walks a dog for a resident in one of the Melbourne towers.
One officer has gone out of his way to assist a four legged resident who needed some special assistance. Source: VIC police Facebook

An image of a police officer walking a small dog wrapped in a winter coat was posted on the Victoria police Facebook page on Thursday.

“Let’s go for walkies,” the picture was captioned.

“While helping Victorian Department of Health & Human Services with stage 4 lockdown at the nine Melbourne towers, a resident asked one of our officers for a favour.

“It was to walk their dog given they couldn’t leave the building. Off we go...” the post read.

The sweet picture has attracted more than 1200 comments and has been shared over 3000 times.

Many people said they were impressed the officer had gone “above and beyond” his duties.

“Great job, wonderful empathy from this officer to a community member who is unable to provide their dog with the care it needs,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another commended Victoria Police for understanding the needs of residents.

“Furbabies are just as important as those in the towers and for residents to know their pets will be supported too must be a relief,” one person commented

One person suggested it showed a softer side to police.

“Outstanding job officer. Well done thank you so much. Shows you still have a heart and you do care.

“A dog to some people are everything. That's a moment that should change a lot of thinking about police officers.”

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