Police handgun goes undetected by LAX airport security

Security staff at Los Angeles International Airport are being investigated after failing to pick up a handgun in an off-duty police woman’s carry-on luggage.

At LAX, one of the world’s busiest airports, the weapon went undetected during security screening and was only picked up after Officer Noell Grant realised she had it when she went to change planes in Taipei.

After informing local authorities, Ms Grant has been barred from leaving Taiwan as US federal officials attempt to resolve the matter.

US Transportation Security Administration worker Nico Melandez said authorities "determined standard procedures were not followed and a police officer did in fact pass through the (airport) checkpoint with a firearm”.

Noelle Grant carried her handgun through the security screening area at LAX airport completely undetected. Source: Getty Images

"We'll hold those responsible appropriately accountable.”

It is unclear whether Officer Grant is set to face disciplinary charges on her return to the US.