Police search for bashing victim after 'disgusting and vicious' attack

A man has been brutally hit and left on a footpath in an alleged unprovoked attack in Melbourne.

The man was left injured on a footpath in Frankston, in Melbourne’s southeast, as footage shows the attacker stepped over him and kept walking while the others appear to laugh.

CCTV footage shows a group walking past a man down the Nepean Highway last Thursday night about 7.45pm.

The attacker takes a short side step before dropping a full-bodied elbow into the victim’s face, causing the man to fall onto a tiled step.

“A disgusting and vicious attack, very unprovoked, which was not called for,” Victoria Police Senior Constable Joel Barbera said.

Police appealing for information about a victim attacked on the Nepean Highway in Frankston.
The victim was left on the footpath after the callous attack. Source: 7 News

The CCTV appears to shows there was no interaction between the victim and his attacker.

The victim was left with serious facial injuries.

Witnesses followed a trail of blood from the scene to find the dazed man, but he refused their help.

Police said the CCTV footage showed the attacker and the group had no remorse and showed a complete disregard to other people’s safety.

It is believed he is aged in his 40s, has brown hair and would have serious damage to his mouth and face.

Victoria Police calling for information about man bashed on the Nepean Highway in Frankston.
The attacker steps over the victim after the brutal attack. Source: 7 News