Police officer set on fire during protest

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A police officer has been set on fire by a protester over the death of a man in custody.

The incident took place during protests in Jalisco, Mexico, on Thursday local time, over the death of Giovanni Lopez, 30, who died after his arrest was widely believed to be for not wearing a face mask during coronavirus restrictions.

In a 20 second long video filmed by journalist Mario Marlo, officers can be seen confronting protesters when one of the officers gets onto his motorbike.

A masked demonstrator then runs up behind him and pours flammable liquid onto the officer’s back before setting him alight.

A police officer has been set on fire by a protester over the death of a man in custody. Source: Twitter

The officer goes up in flames along with part of his bike and he falls to the ground.

Other officers in riot gear rush to surround the burning officer and attempt to put out the flames while holding back protesters.

The demonstrators were shouting “Giovanni was killed by the state” as they rallied, The Sun reported.

The horrific video has been shared on social media millions of times.

As Mexico joined other countries protesting police violence, The Telegraph reported a protester took possession of a law enforcement agent's rifle before tossing it into a burning vehicle. 

Several police vehicles were destroyed by fire during the protest and 26 people were arrested.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, confirmed that the burnt officer was injured in the protest along with five other officers.

Mr Alfaro also denied Mr Lopez was arrested for not wearing a face mask but refused to release further details.

He condemned the violence seen on Thursday’s protests and promised there would be an investigation into the violence, which he described as having been “never before seen”.

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