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Police take elderly couple into custody for allegedly attending protest

A NSW police officer could be heard saying the couple had been seen at a protest the previous day. The arrest took place close to Hyde Park, where the couple had been sitting and speaking to media. Source: Yahoo

Video transcript


- This is such a joke.

MICHAEL DAHLSTROM: Michael Dahlstrom, Yahoo News.

- So this is for walking down the street.

- Yeah, a major road disruption.

- We're under arrest.

- Yes.

- Yes. So you do agree that you were walking down the street?

- And do you want to walk back with this officer?

- So this is punishment for being here as well?

- Yeah, it's basically because we're hanging around.

- Yeah. You've been identified from press today.

- We just enjoy your company.

- If you weren't here, we wouldn't have identified you.

- Yeah, exactly.

- Yeah.

- We enjoy your company so much.

- Well, we'll enjoy it for a little bit longer together.

- Yeah, yeah. No worries. Come through.

MICHAEL DAHLSTROM: Did you want to make a statement?

- Yeah, we're being arrested because we were part of a protest yesterday. But essentially, it's because we've been sitting around here talking to-- because we've been sitting here, talking to people.

So they've taken the opportunity to identify us. She tried to call me Margaret, for God's sake.

- Just go through for me.

- And they've taken an opportunity--

- These protesters should be taken--