Police continue hunt for dangerous fugitive

Dangerous fugitive Rodney Clavell has eluded authorities for a third day but police say they will not give up, despite the mounting cost of the state-wide manhunt.

Police say every officer in South Australia is on the lookout for the former prison guard.

They have responded to dozens of sightings in the past 24 hours, have raided homes and spoken to Clavell’s family and acquaintances, but the 46-year-old remains on the run.

Last night police searched a house at Edwardstown for the father of 10.

They are not making any apologies for the highly visible operations.

“You probably haven’t seen it very often in Adelaide – the continual approach to chasing someone that is so public,” Superintendent Peter Harvey said.

“It’s because of the fear we hold and the danger he represents… and the longer he stays out, I think it’s more of a problem for us because he’s actively trying to avoid us.”

Police have urged Clavell to turn himself in.

“All I’ll say is our approach is very serious,” Supr Harvey said.

“If you’re looking, listening, you need to come in, you need to do it sooner rather than later so that this ends peacefully.”

Police interstate are also on alert.

Last night’s search came after two Adelaide schools earlier were placed in lockdown as a precaution as heavily-armed police scoured a nearby area.

Police believe Clavell was a passenger in a rented blue Ford sedan which failed to stop for police on Osmond Street in the inner-city.

Both the passenger and driver ran off and the nearby schools were locked down.

Police also raided two houses on Wednesday in suburban Skye, but failed to find him.

Clavell was shot twice by police at the end of this chase in 2004. Photo: 7News.

In 2004, Clavell was shot twice and tasered by police after a 46km chase through the Adelaide Hills.

He behind the wheel of a stolen 12-tonne grader and fired at officers with a shotgun.

Four years later he was involved in a riot at the Port Augusta prison.

Police have previously warned Clavell has access to firearms and is considered a danger to the community, and anyone caught assisting him could face up to seven years in prison.