Police bike cop rear-ended by 4WD

Police bike cop rear-ended by 4WD

They are supposed to be the police's covert eyes and ears on WA roads but one unmarked motorcycle officer was caught unawares when he was hit from behind by a Perth motorist.

The incident - and the police officer's furious reaction - was captured on a dashboard camera and uploaded to YouTube by user Cycleops70 on the weekend.

The footage shows the gray Ford slowing down behind motorcycle at an intersection.

However, the four-wheel-drive did not come to a complete stop, bumping into the back of the motorcycle and knocking the officer to the ground.

Obviously displeased by the incident, the police officer grabs his radio and angrily confronts the driver.

The undercover motorcycle officers were introduced in December 2013.

Since then have charged hundreds of drivers with various offences including not wearing seatbelt, using mobile phones and one unlucky driver who was caught allegedly rolling a joint.