WATCH: Dramatic vision of moment officers swoop on accused carjacker

A camera on the Queensland police helicopter has captured the moment SERT officers arrested an accused carjacker at Hemmant.

The 29-year-old allegedly took a car for a test drive at Sunnybank before pulling a gun on its owner and evading police.

Police helicopters capture the moment an alleged carjacker is arrested. Source: 7 News

Scott David Barker had messaged Alec Stitt about a car he'd advertised for sale online.

Alec and his friend Morgan went for a test drive with him, when he pulled over near a child care centre and pulled out a pistol.

Alec Stitt had advertised his car for sale online. Source: 7 News

Police tried to intercept the stolen car at Eight Mile Plains before it sped off along the Gateway Motorway.

Police tried to intercept the car before the final arrest. Source: 7 News

The accused then dumped the car at Tingapla and approached Mags Robbins-Davey for a lift to Manly.

"He told me his mum was sick, and I lost my mum recently, so I thought I was doing him a favour," she said.

After the man jumped out at Hemmant, Robbins-Davey flashed her lights at a police car because her passenger had been acting suspiciously.

Barker tried to hide out near an old chicken shed but police were around and above him.

The accused tried to hide out near an old chicken shed but police had him surrounded. Source: 7 News

SES volunteers are still looking for the gun that he dropped along the way, but tonight Barker is behind bars.