Poland condemns Russian cyberattacks, says has been targeted too

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland condemned alleged cyberattacks by a Russian group named called APT28 on Germany and Czech Republic saying it had also been targeted.

Poland is expressing solidarity with Germany and Czech Republic in light of cyberattacks on their democratic institutions and political parties, the foreign ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

Germany accused Russia on Friday of launching cyberattacks on its rulng party and on defence and aerospace firms as well as on targets in other countries, and warned there would be unspecified consequences.

"Poland, which is also one of the targets of the APT 28 attacks, strongly condemns the repeated, unacceptable and harmful activities carried out in cyberspace by Russian entities," the statement said.

No details on the attack were provided in the statement.

"Facing the continuous increase in threats in cyberspace, Poland is actively working to protect critical infrastructure, build resilience and strengthen cyber defence."

(Reporting by Marek Strzelecki; editing by Jason Neely)