'Please, please don't: Family plead with mum who shot her daughters on 911 call

The reason mother Christy Sheats shot and killed her two young daughters outside their family home has been revealed.

Those close to the family have disclosed more details about the tragic killing, the New York Post reports.

Claiming to have spoken with Christy’s husband Jason after the event, family friend Madison Davey said he confronted the man's wife during the argument on his birthday.

Jason allegedly told his wife to “just shoot herself. Make it easy on all of us, just shoot yourself.”

“That’s not what this is about,” his wife is said to have responded. “This is about punishing you.”

Ms Davey said the couple had fought earlier again that day, which Christy later demanded her husband apologise for. He refused.

“Don’t threaten me like that, don’t say those things to me,” Jason reportedly told his wife.

That was when Christy called a ‘family meeting’, before firing several bullets into their two daughters – Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17 – killing them in the street outside their home, where both girls used to play as children.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office released two harrowing phone calls to emergency services, where Jason can be heard pleading with his wife not to shoot their children.

“Please don’t shoot,” the girls' dad can be heard screaming, while his daughters are hysterical in the background

“Please, I beg you. Please don’t point the gun at us”.

A neighbour claimed to local media that a police officer overheard Jason say to Christy, "Don't do this. They're our kids."

Jason Sheats, 45, watched in horror as his wife shot their children and police officers allegedly pleaded for her to not kill them. Photo: Facebook

Christy was later fatally shot at the scene by police. She was known to have suffered from mental illness, and is reported to have been a Houston gun advocate.

“I always knew something would happen, but I never thought she would do this,” Ms Davey said.

“Christy was toxic for the family. She was mentally unstable.”

Jason Sheats is pictured with his eldest daughter Taylor. Photo: Everipedia

Reports yesterday revealed that Christy’s daughter Taylor had been due to marry only days after her mother murdered her.

The young couple had exchanged promise rings, and shared many images of themselves together on social media.

Christy Sheats (rear, center) celebrating a birthday with her fiance Juan Sebastian Lugo (front) and his sister Maria (right). Source: Facebook

Police had been called to the Sheats’ home on 14 occasions previous to the deadly incident.

A funeral for both sisters will take place later this week in Alabama.