PlayStation Plus Essential free games for May 2024

erling haaland in ea sports fc 24
PlayStation Plus Essential free games for May 2024EA

PlayStation has announced the free games coming to PS Plus Essential in May 2024.

As a reminder, Essential is the base tier that allows players to play online, and claim a handful of games every month that, once added to an account, will be accessible for as long as the owner is actively subscribed, even if they leave and come back.

Let's see what games will be available to claim from Tuesday, May 7.

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erling haaland in ea sports fc 24

EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition (PS5/PS4) leads the pack here, as the latest entry in the retitled FIFA series. The HyperMotion V technology introduced a few years back has been pushed even further with this entry, while the new PlayStyle tech mimics how the real-life footballers play more than ever, while women's teams were finally added to the Ultimate Team mode.

An Ultimate Team Starter Pack will also be available to claim, giving players 11 untradeable footballers, and an ICON Loan Player Pick for seven matches.

ghostrunner 2
One More Level / 505 Games

Ghostunner 2 (PS5) is the follow-up to the hard-as-nails title in which you play as a katana-wielding cyborg in which everything dies in one hit, including (and especially) you. The sequel adds plenty more options for the player to make creative kills, but also gives the enemies more scope to react as well. Oh, and there's motorbike levels too.

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TUNIC Team / Finji

Tunic (PS5/PS4) attempts to recreate the old Legend of Zelda games with isometric adventuring and puzzles, but with a cute fox for a mascot. The main gimmick here is in-game guide written in a fictional language you'll need to eventually decode, as if your grandparents brought you back a game from their holiday, but the manual was in German.

We at Digital Spy really enjoyed this one, rating it highly on our list of 2o22's best games.

destiny 2 lightfall

Finally, the Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall (PS5/PS4) will also be available for subscribers. This add-on to the free-to-play shooter adds more story content, gear and weapons for players to collect, and maps and missions for players to use said gear and weapons in.

Once these games go live on Plus, April's Essential free games will no longer be able to claim, so don't miss out on them. Also in May, over 20 games are leaving PS Plus Extra, including the best Final Fantasy games.

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