Plastic surgeon accused of murdering lawyer who disappeared during bathroom break

 (Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)
(Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)

A Florida plastic surgeon has been charged with murdering a lawyer who went missing during a bathroom break and whose firm represented the doctor’s former co-workers in a lawsuit.

On Saturday (25 March), Largo police arrested Dr Tomasz Kosowski, 44, on a first-degree murder charge in connection to Steven Cozzi’s disappearance.

Mr Cozzi, 41, was last seen on Tuesday 21 March, at his place of work, Blanchard Law.

Blanchard Law has been representing Kosowski’s former employer and co-worker on a lawsuit Dr Kosowski filed four years ago, according to The Daily Beast.

According to a Facebook post from the Largo Police Department, officers were called to Mr Cozzi’s office after he left his office but left behind his wallet, car keys and cell phone.

“He was never seen exiting the building and left behind his vehicle,” Largo Police said.

After officers at the scene noticed a “strong chemical odor” and small drops of blood in the men’s bathroom, a forensics investigation was conducted where they discovered “a significant amount of blood.”

Largo Police Detectives began looking for a “suspicious person and vehicle” that was seen at the office building at the same time as Mr Cozzi.

Their investigation led them to Dr Kosowskis’ home in Tarpon Springs. Through a search warrant, police obtained evidence that allegedly connected Dr Kosowski with Mr Cozzi.

Law enforcement officials did not clarify what evidence had been found, though they mentioned that Mr Cozzi’s body had not been found.

Dr Kosowski was arrested on Saturday, and on Sunday was held, without bail, at the Pinellas County Jail.

A lawsuit Dr Kosowski filed in 2019 alleges that a woman assigned to do his insurance billing at his former employer, Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery, lied to his patients and did not file claims, causing him to receive negative reviews online.

Dr Kosowoski, who also went by “Dr K”, was mainly doing breast reconstructive surgery.

“Dr K’s promising young career has essentially been obliterated,” the lawsuit says. “Through no fault of his own, his carer was put directly in jeopardy and his reputation has been deeply tarnished.”

Although Blanchard Law was representing the defendants in the lawsuit, it is unclear if Mr Cozzi was involved in the case.

Mr Cozzi’s body has not been found at this time and the Largo Police Department is asking “anyone that feels they have information pertinent to this investigation” to call Detective Bolton.

On Facebook, Mr Cozzi’s husband, Michael Montgomery, posted, “My husband and best friend was stolen from us. Steve Cozzi was the kindest, funniest, and most brilliant man I ever met. I knew he was the one from the day we had our first date. I only ever wanted to protect him and to make him happy. I know I will see him again one day.”