Plans to close off Bali road after influencers flood viral tourist spot

Local leaders are planning to close off a popular, scenic road so that influencers and tourists can safely film themselves on it.

A viral destination in Bali could soon be closed to vehicles for the safety of influencers, tourists, and content creators hoping to capture themselves standing in the middle of the unusual road.

Tanah Barak Beach, a once little-known, hidden spot near Pandawa Beach in South Kuta, has become an online sensation because of it's photogenic access road which sits deep between two limestone cliffs.

The controversial road has divided people online, with many arguing its dangers and recent over-tourism outweigh it's beauty.

Image of the road between two high cliffs at Tanah Barak Beach, Bali.
The controversial road to Tanah Barak Beach in Bali may soon be closed off to vehicles according to local leaders: Source: Instagram

Divided opinion over cliff-lined road

Hundreds of people have visited the access road, sharing videos online of the "hidden gem" — many in awe of it's beauty

"This road is incredible," said one person after seeing it on Instagram.

"Been there, it’s gorgeous. Definitely a place you have to visit if you go to Bali," shared another.

Despite it's beauty, thousands of others are not impressed, claiming that this man-made hole in a cliff was not necessary and a safety risk.

"This is really not safe, rocks will fall on the road," one person commented.

"Look at that beautiful natural landscape, would be a shame if someone cut a huge hole in it," another replied.

"I am no engineer but it’s clearly a bad idea bound to lead to injury/ problems.," a third said.

Once hidden, now a tourist destination

Before the limestone cliffs were dug out, Tanah Barak Beach was difficult to access and therefore mostly only known and visited by locals.

The access road was then opened in 2012, but interest in Tanah Barak Beach and Pandawa Beach didn't fully take off on social media until December 2022, Head of Planning and Development of DTW Pantai Pandawa, Wayan Duarta, told the Bali Sun.

Leaders plan to block off the road to cars

To make the most of the popularity Tanah Barak Beach is experiencing, Duarta told the Bali Sun that he and his team are looking at plans to block off the road.

"[The reason would be] so that tourists can walk through and safely admire the geology and take photos," he said.

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