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Plane in Perth Airport emergency

Passengers on a plane that made an emergency landing at Perth Airport this morning after an engine caught fire have praised the pilot for landing safely.

The Cobham Aviation plane headed for Barrow island with fly-in fly-out workers was forced to return to the airport soon after takeoff.

Pictures show flames coming from one of the plane's left-hand engines.

Passenger Brad McCoy captured the dramatic moments on film as sparks are seen coming from the engine.

Channel 7 reporter Rebecca O'Donovan said passengers told her there were screams and people crying on board the plane.

She said passengers had praised the pilot.

Passengers told that the cabin crew was alerted when sparks where seen coming from one of the plane's engines.

The flames lasted for a few minutes before extinguishing themselves.

Two passengers said that while those close to the engine feared the worst, the crew managed to calm most of those on board.

One passenger attributed the relatively calm demeanour of most passengers to their occupation working on site at Barrow Island.

"I've seen worse things at work," one passenger said.

One witness said the engine appeared to catch fire soon after the plane took off.

6PR reporter Lisa Barnes said passengers saw sparks and yelled for the stewardess.

The plane immediately returned to the airport.

It was the second plane the 90 Barrow Island workers had been on today. The first was delayed by technical problems.

A picture of the damaged engine, taken by a passenger. Picture: Jason Grimmett

Cobham confirmed a fire started in the engine of one of the company’s planes soon after take-off from Perth Airport.

A spokesman said the pilot and crew safely returned the four-engine BAE 146 jet to the airport at 10.53am.

There were no injuries among the 92 passengers or two pilots and three cabin crew.

“The aircraft was climbing after take-off when the fire occurred in engine number two, which is on the inner port side of the aircraft,” the spokesman said. “When the fire was detected, the engine was shut down and the fire extinguished.”

The incident is being investigated and regulatory authorities have been informed.

The plane with the engine fire soon after leaving Perth Airport. Picture: John Murray

Cobham Aviation Services is the largest provider of contracted air services in Australia. It operates a combined fleet of circa 130 aircraft and employs more than 2400 people.

The aircraft is being assessed by aviation firefighters at the airport.

According to its website, Cobham operates 11 Boeing B717 aircraft.

Picture: Matt Pilat/Community Newspaper Group

The damaged engine on the plane as it comes in to land. Picture: Jason Grimmett