This all-pink apartment takes Barbiecore to the extreme


Every piece of decor in Zuri Hadiya’s (@thepinkpaperdoll) pink palace in Los Angeles is in her favorite color, from her office to her bedroom – not to mention the purse wall in her bathroom. In this episode of ITK: Do You Live Here?, the actor opens her doors to give us a tour of her Barbiecore apartment.

Our tour starts in Zuri’s office, a room decorated from floor to ceiling in pink. Along with a desk and chair, it has a velvet sofa and a pink cat tree for Zuri’s cat, Pinky. The space features decorative floral shelving that displays Zuri’s teacup collection, a mirror and a statement textured wall with a neon sign of Zuri’s name. Zuri spends the majority of her time in this room, editing audition videos, doing voice-over auditions and editing YouTube videos.

“And I also just love to crash in here because it’s cute,” she adds.

Zuri explains that she decorates her home in pink because the color makes her happy.

“I actually first started getting obsessed with the color pink because I have an identical twin sister, and when we were younger, our parents used to dress us in opposite colors, one in pink, one in blue,” Zuri says. “When we grew up, one liked pink, one liked blue. I liked pink because I always saw her in pink, and her favorite color is blue because she always saw me dressed in blue.”

The next room on the tour is Zuri’s bedroom, also known as the private pink suite. The pink velvet bed features a canopy, string lights and several layers of blankets and throw pillows. The space also houses Zuri’s vanity, which she says is her oasis. “I really wanted to create something that felt like I was inside a fairy garden,” she explains and points out the pink flowers she added to the wall surrounding the vanity.

We move onto Zuri’s purse wall, featuring a few of her purses hung up on display. But the purse collection extends beyond this decorative feature – Zuri leads us to her “secret stash” of purses in her pretty pink glam room, also known as the bathroom.

“This is actually one of my favorite rooms of my entire apartment because this is where I do all of the magic and get ready, and what girl doesn’t need a room dedicated to that?” she says.

This room has a double vanity and a more extensive purse wall featuring the rest of Zuri’s collection — all in pink.

“Maximalist aesthetic is so much more appealing to me because you get to incorporate all of the things that make you happy into one spot,” Zuri says. “And it’s not necessarily about just collecting a bunch of stuff. These things actually bring you joy, every single little thing.”

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