Pigeons found dead, having seizures in suspected mass poisoning

Rob Scott

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: People walking to work through Perth's CBD were greeted with a confronting sight on Monday morning.

Several pigeons - some dead, others in obvious distress - were found on the ground after a suspected mass poisoning.

The incident in Forest Chase has prompted widespread anger as concerned citizens made their way into the city.

Fiona Edgerton was walking through Forrest Chase when she saw several birds in distress.

Birds were found deceased or in distress in Perth's CBD. Source: 7 News/Facebook

"Some of them looked like they were starting to have seizures," she said.

"It was really horrible, it's not a nice thing to see."

It's believed up to a dozen pigeons were killed but no-one is certain if it was a deliberate baiting program or an accidental poisoning.

Emma Madle and Jessica Williams were so upset when they saw the footage on Facebook, they came to the city hoping to help.

Two concerned women came into the city to see if they could help. Source: 7 News
Whether it was an accidental or deliberate poisoning remains a mystery. Source: 7 News

"[We wanted] to take them somewhere to either put them out of their misery sooner or be helped, if that's possible," Emma said.

City of Perth received several messages online accusing it of being responsible but the council responded saying it was not involved.

However, it did send its rangers out to collect the dead bodies.

The RSPCA is not investigating the incident. Source: 7 News/Facebook

Seven News understands the RSPCA is not investigating but says if anyone has proof the birds were baited it wants to know about it.

You can report animal cruelty to RSPCA WA here.