'Surreal': $80 million Powerball win comes after 'brutal' year in pandemic

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It pays to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

One group of gym goers definitely has the wealthy part in spades now after they pocketed $80 million from Thursday night’s Powerball draw.

The 55 women all attend Curves Heathridge in WA and each took home $1.5 million as part of the lottery syndicate.

Curves Heathridge lottery members who won the $80 million Powerball prize as part of a syndicate are pictured.
Sue, who owns the gym, embraces a member informing her of the win. Source: 7News

Sue, who owns the gym and was part of the syndicate, told Yahoo News Australia the feeling “is unbelievable”.

“I can’t explain how it feels,” a beaming Sue said.

“I can’t even put it into words. It’s just surreal.”

In a rare move, the group of winners agreed to be pictured by media.

Sue said she plans to sit on the money and get some advice on how to spend it. She added she and her husband, who was made redundant last year, are not far off retirement.

Curves Heathridge lottery members who won the $80 million Powerball prize as part of a syndicate are pictured.
The Curves Heathridge gym was all smiles Friday. Source: 7News

It’s been a difficult period for people across the country, and indeed the world, working in the fitness industry.

Covid-19 lockdowns have seen gyms shutdown for extended periods, and personal trainers turn to taking sessions online via video or working out with clients in parks.

That’s not a fact lost on Sue who said it had been “brutal” for her and her husband even in WA which has managed to stave off the same extended lockdowns as Victoria and NSW.

She described the group who won with her as “Aussie battlers”, a statement proven true by the fact that despite learning of her win and enjoying an “awesome” celebration on Thursday night, Sue was back in the gym on Friday with the very people who helped turn her life around in more ways than one.

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