'Terrifying' photo shows hermit crab using a doll's head for a shell

While the typical home chosen by a hermit grab involves old sea shells, one particular crab has chosen a more unique style - a baby doll's head.

A terrifying photo of the crab in its new home was posted to Reddit and captioned "Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell".

Many people were quick to liken it to the movie Toy Story where one of the toys - Babyface - looks extremely similar to the crab's home.

The toy's head resembles the baby doll's face while the bottom half of its body is made out of metal in the form of eight legs.

The crab picked a scary home. Source: Reddit
The crab picked a scary home. Source: Reddit

The crab is believed to have been found in the Pacific's Pitcairn Islands.

It's understood the crab in the photo is a coconut crab, one of the larger species of hermit crabs.

One person pointed out the size of the doll head compared to the crab and said: "More like a doll head using a hermit crab for legs."

"New title: Hermit Crab uses Nightmares for a shell," another person said.