Photo of Bondi Beach 'crawling' with police sparks heated debate

A Bondi local alerting people to a police presence near the iconic beach has caused a stir among the community, with some begging them to take a photo of the officers off social media.

The picture was shared to a community group and warns people that police are swarming Campbell Parade in Bondi, conducting both drug and alcohol testing.

It's not uncommon for people to share the location of police on social media and as a few pointed out in the comments of the post, people report a police presence on apps like Waze.

Not everyone was happy one person alerted Bondi locals to police breath testing people. Source: Facebook
Not everyone was happy one person alerted Bondi locals to police breath testing people. Source: Facebook

Another common tactic used to inform people of a nearby police presence is for drivers to flash their headlights to alert other motorists – a move in use long before the powers of the internet and social media.

"Finally.. some useful information that can help people," someone said in the comments of the Facebook post, and jokingly asked the local "dog photographers" to "take note".

Others however had a problem with the post, saying if you weren't under the influence, you wouldn't be concerned.

"Don't drink and drive and there is no issue," one person said.



One person demanded the post be removed because people under the influence "need to be caught".

Some even appeared to take the post as a joke, thanking the original poster as they claimed they were intoxicated and driving nearby.

Police presence as double demerits are enforced

However, one person said the image captured "revenue-raising at its best" with another person saying they'd seen police "everywhere" on Thursday morning.

The heavy police presence coincides with double demerits starting on Thursday.

NSW Police launch Operation Tortoise with a random breath test operation on Moore Park Road, Sydney, Thursday, April 5, 2007
Double demerits are now enforced across NSW, ahead of the Easter weekend. Source: AAP

Double demerits will be enforced from April 14, ahead of the Easter long weekend until Monday, April 18.

In NSW, the Double Demerits Enforcement Road Safety Campaign will be cracking down on drivers doing the wrong things across the state, including speeding, illegal use of mobile phones, not wearing a seatbelt, and riding without a helmet.

Double demerits, where drivers receive twice as many points as normal for the listed offences, will be back just a week later for Anzac Day long weekend.

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