PETA petitions KFC Australia for vegan menu: 'Save our chickens'

PETA has launched a national petition to bring vegan menu alternatives to KFC’s signature fried chicken fare in restaurants across Australia.

KFC has already rolled out vegan versions of the Colonel’s “finger-lickin’ good” chicken to fast food restaurants in Canada, the UK, and the US, so PETA believes it’s past time Australia got a taste of the plant-based menu items too.

Australia currently eclipses most other countries when it comes to plant-based living, with the third fastest-growing vegan market in the world.

KFC Beyond Fried chicken billboard
KFC has already rolled out vegan versions of the Colonel’s 'finger-lickin’ good' chicken to fast food restaurants in Canada, the UK and the US. Source: KFC US

According to Animals Australia, 2.5 million Aussies, or 12.1 per cent of the population in Australia, now eat all or almost completely meat-free meals.

KFC Australia petition exceeds 10,000 signature goal

PETA’s KFC Australia petition, “Let’s Bring Vegan KFC to Australia”, addresses KFC Australia’s Chief Food Innovation and Technical Officer, Fritz Meyer.

The KFC petition has already exceeded its initial goal of 10,000 signatures, with 10,142 supporters having taken action.

“Dear Mr Meyer, I was excited to learn that KFC is now serving vegan chicken in the UK. What a time to be alive!” reads the petition on the PETA website.

The petition goes on to say that “given the huge interest in all things vegan in Australia” that Aussie vegans “must surely be next in line for a taste of this finger lickin' good bird-friendly fare”.

PETA KFC Australia petition for vegan menu items
KFC's petition has already exceeded its initial goal of 10,000 signatures. Source: PETA Australia

PETA explains that the country’s growing vegan market makes Australia the perfect candidate for the launch of a meat-free KFC menu.

“Google reports that Australians have searched for the word 'vegan' more than people in any other nation for three years running,” the petition reads.

Adding: “In fact, as a search term, 'vegan' has overtaken 'vegetarian' in this country, indicating that more people want to reduce their consumption of all animal-derived foods.”

Eating vegan is the best way to fight climate change, says PETA

The emotive petition concludes by saying “there’s never been a better time to introduce vegan options” and that eating vegan is the single best way to help “save the planet” from the effects of climate change.

“According to a report published in Science magazine, a shift towards plant-based eating could cut out food emissions in half,” reads the petition.

Finally, PETA encourages Aussies to sign the petition using the online form on their website to help them “save our chickens, one meal at a time”.

KFC drive-thru sign against cloudy blue sky
PETA points out that it’s chickens who stand to benefit the most from vegan KFC options. Source: Getty

While KFC vegan fried chicken would be a delicious addition to the many vegan foods already in Australia, PETA points out that it’s the chickens who stand to benefit the most.

PETA adds that the introduction of meat-free alternatives to the KFC menu would introduce vegan food to a “whole new audience”.

Previously, PETA UK launched a similar petition to bring meat-free items to KFC in Britain, which successfully collected 13,000 signatures and led to the roll-out of vegan options in their restaurants.

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