Peru’s Congress Backs Boluarte as It Plans Impeachment Debate

(Bloomberg) -- Peru’s Congress voted to confirm embattled President Dina Boluarte’s new Cabinet on Wednesday, an expected endorsement even as it set the stage for a coming impeachment debate.

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A majority of lawmakers approved the nomination of Gustavo Adrianzen as prime minister, making him the third person to fill the role of top aide in the 15 months Boluarte has been in power. Congress also announced it will vote at its next session whether to admit two pending impeachment motions against Boluarte, who’s engulfed in an illicit enrichment investigation.

Boluarte is one the world’s most unpopular presidents, with an approval rating of just 9% in March. Still, she has found broad support among lawmakers, who are just as unpopular among Peruvians as she is. Boluarte has already survived two impeachment attempts by a wide margin, making a new attempt unlikely to succeed, especially just after a majority of lawmakers endorsed her new Cabinet.

Still, a scandal on the source of expensive jewelry she’s worn in public could lead to her popularity dipping even further. Prosecutors have singled out a Rolex watch and a Cartier bracelet in their investigation as two items that Boluarte would have been unlikely to be able to afford.

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She now faces two impeachment motions filed by left-wing lawmakers over the so-called Rolex scandal. Ultimately, Congress would need a two-thirds majority to oust Boluarte, but at its next session it will need just 40% support in order to move the impeachment process forward. Still, the two previous impeachment attempts have failed to meet that lower threshold.

Peru is notorious for impeaching and firing its presidents. The Andean nation has cycled through six presidents since 2016. Boluarte herself came to power from the vice presidency after her predecessor was impeached and arrested in 2022.

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