Perth Zoo Animals Keep Cool Amid Scorching Heatwave

Animals at Perth Zoo faced the heat as temperatures started to soar on November 22.

In a video released by Perth Zoo, elephants, lemurs, and penguins can be seen splashing about, nibbling on icy fruit blocks, and doing laps in a pool.

“Not only do these activities help them cool down, but it also works to keep them mentally stimulated and challenged based on natural behaviors and instincts,” a Perth Zoo staff member said.

Weather agencies predicted temperatures would remain above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) until Monday, November 27. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript


That's a good girl. Oh, good job. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Let's go. [NON-ENGLISH] Good girl. Yeah.


Good girl.


- Good. Good boy, [NON-ENGLISH]. Good boy. Stay. Stay. OK, go. Good boy.


Spray. Good boy, [INAUDIBLE]. Good boy.

- It's almost too good to-- That just cracks me up when he does that.

- Yeah.


Come here. [INAUDIBLE] Come here. [INAUDIBLE]