Student's amazing thank you note for Perth teacher goes viral

A Perth mum has shared a “brilliant” thank you note her child prepared for their teacher.

The note, shared on Facebook is addressed to Mr Norman and uses various chocolate bars to write a message of gratitude as classes finished for the year.

“Mr Norman,” it reads.

“You are an Extra special teacher and I thought about getting you a trip on a private space-shuttle or a private Aero-plane to Mars or even a Twirl around the Milky Way or not to mention perhaps a Turkish (Delight) adventure.”

Hopefully Mr Norman has a sweet tooth. Source: Facebook

The students finishes by writing how Mr Norman gave their education a “real Boost” this year and they hope he enjoys a TimeOut.

The post of the thank you note has received more than 1,200 likes at the time of writing after being shared in a Facebook group with many people calling it “awesome” and “adorable”.

“Great idea, very clever,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added she thinks Mr Norman “will love it”.

“That’s so cute,” another woman wrote.

School’s out for summer

Presumably Mr Norman has received the note with state schools around the country now finished for the year.

WA state schools closed on Thursday. Class returns for them on February 3.

In South Australia, the second semester concluded for state schools on December 13 with classes beginning again on January 28.

Queensland state school students finished and will return on the same dates.

NSW public schools only closed their doors on Friday with classes to also begin again on January 28.

State school students in Victoria also finished on Friday and will return on the same day as their NSW and South Australian counterparts.

Tasmania’s state school students finished the academic year on Thursday and won’t go back until February 5.

The Northern Territory’s state school pupils finished on December 11. They’ll be back in classrooms on January 29.

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