Perth model teams fit to race


They are fit, attractive and ready to dart across the globe in a high-octane adventure that could see them pocket a $250,000 prize.

Meet WA's latest crop of contestants on The Amazing Race Australia - who, by chance, all happen to be models.

There are beauty queens Inga Lederhaus and Tiharna McGregor, who claim to be the "three Bs" - busty, brainy brunettes - while smitten couple Sally Yamamoto and Tyson Smith have a handful of prestigious titles between them as fitness and physique models.

And not only did the two teams already know each other but Lederhaus and McGregor also have a special link to the 2011 series runners-up, Perth * stunners Sam Schoers and Renae Wauhop.

"We all modelled together through the same agency," Lederhaus told AAA Weekend.

"Tiharna is best friends with Sam and then I did Miss Universe with Renae. And we have met Sally and Tyson too. When we got (to the starting point) we were like 'What?'"

After a two-year gap between seasons, the Seven show is back with a new theme, Australia v New Zealand, and will see 10 teams charge through a handful of countries with mystery challenges at every turn.

McGregor, 26, thinks she and Lederhaus, 27, will fly under the radar if other teams stereotype them based on their looks but, despite their strategic nature and competitive spirit, they do have weaknesses.

"Tiharna can't do weird cultural food and I can't eat bugs. I think if we had a food challenge we would probably skip it," Lederhaus said, adding they also would not shave their hair off for a challenge.

Tiharna McGregor and Inga Lederhaus run through Kings Park. Picture: Steve Ferrier / The West Australian.

With Smith being a burly personal trainer and Yamamoto a pint-sized veterinarian, they are also expecting the other contestants to judge them based on their looks.

But don't let Smith's sheer size fool you - he insists he is really a big softie at heart.

"Our strength is our weakness as well because we are nice," the 38-year-old said.

"We want to try to win the race fair and square without burning people left, right and centre. We want to look back and not have any regrets. But, at the same time, being too nice might be our downfall."

The Bayswater lovebirds are also not seduced by the thought of becoming famous faces from their time on the show, with Yamamoto saying they did not want to have their "heads up in the clouds".

"We live a really simple life and we plan to keep it that way," the 33-year-old smiled.

The Amazing Race Australia will return to Seven/GWN7 later this month.