Man's ear bitten off in horrific attack while bringing in neighbour’s bin

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A Perth grandfather has revealed he thought he was going to die as he was allegedly attacked by a stranger as he brought his neighbour’s bin in.

Mile Willison, 68, had part of his ear ripped off and was left needing plastic surgery as he went to move the wheelie bins in out the back of his Ellenbrook home at about 10am on Thursday morning, Nine News reported.

“No one deserves this, not when you’re going about your daily business,” Mr Willison, a retired prison officer, told the network.

Mike Willison reenacts taking out his bins before the alleged attack. Source: Nine News

He recalled how the stranger allegedly wrapped his hands around his neck before forcing them into his mouth.

“He tried to rip my mouth apart,” he said.

Mr Willison said he pleaded for his life, calling for help, but struggled to muster enough sound to be heard.

Mike Willison was hospitalised following the attack. Source: Nine News

"I asked him: 'don't kill me' ... whether he heard me or not,” he said.

Graphic images from hospital show Mr Willison’s face covered in blood and bruises.

Now released from hospital, his wounds are still clearly visible.

He says he may need counselling to overcome the attack.

Police say the attack was unprovoked and Mr Willison was unknown to his alleged attacker.

A 29-year-old man appeared in court on Friday charged with aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm and obstructing a public officer.

He was denied bail and is due to appear in court at a later date.

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