'Disaster': Perth dad flown home following bungled Bali surgery

A distressed Perth family have been forced to accompany a man home from Bali after a bungled operation had him fighting for his life.

Father-of-two Steven Didmon, 39, was admitted into Siloam Hospital on July 12 for a routine hernia operation.

His family said an epidural anaesthetic during surgery caused him to go into cardiac arrest and left him with possible kidney and lung damage.

“He’s come here healthy, went in to do the surgery and it’s ended in disaster,” Mr Didmon’s wife Lovia said.

Mr Didmon had to be flown from Bali to Perth. Source: 7 News

Mr Didmon’s father Jeffrey said a team of doctors performed CPR on Steven for two hours while his heart “constantly” stopped.

“It was touch and go for Steve,” he said.

“He is slowly improving but still requires Haemodialysis daily.”

He said Steven was on life support for a week and a half and had issues with his lungs and kidneys not functioning properly.

“He was breathing with a ventilator tube for two and a half weeks,” Jeffrey said.

Steven with his wife Lovia. Source: 7 News

Without health or travel insurance the family was forced to pay $96,000.

Mr Didmon’s sister, Fiona Vojnovic, said they are still paying off the hefty bill.

“We had to pay $44,000 just to release him,” she said.

“We’ve still got another $7000 owing to the hospital.

The family have been forced to pay $96,000 to cover the surgery and travel. Source: 7 News
Jeffrey Didmon with his son Steven. Source: 7 News

“My dad used his life savings.”

But Mr Didmon’s family say it’s worth every cent to have him home where they hope he will make a full recovery.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family pay off their debts with almost $28,000 raised.