The cruel messages cyclist received after near miss with truck

A Perth cyclist has been inundated with abusive messages after she was nearly sucked under a road train that came within inches of her handlebars.

The 51-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, was cycling with her husband and another friend down Tydeman Road in North Fremantle when the terrifying near miss unfolded late in 2017.

Shaken, but ultimately uninjured, the avid cyclist was relieved to ride away unscathed.

But when footage taken from her husband’s rear camera was shared online, she realised her ordeal was far from over.

“The driver was dangerous, the people out there commenting are even more dangerous,” the woman told Yahoo7 News.

Footage shows the truck approaching as the unsuspecitng cyclists ride alongside each other. Source: Supplied
The female cyclist said she feared the force of the truck was going to suck her underneath. Source: Supplied

“Get off the f****** road you absolute arrogant piece of s***,” one man said in a direct message to the cyclist.

“Maybe learn the road rules before you have a whinge and put your life and others at risk idiot,” another message read.

“Why would (you) swerve out towards the cars lane as the truck are passing then complain about the truck 'almost taking you out' how about u ride in a single file line?” another man wrote.

“Or simply get the f*** of the road. Ride like idiots and still play victim. Typical cyclists.”

"You're a f****** idiot... end of story," another said in a message to the woman.

She said the truck had every chance to change lanes. Source: Supplied

The West Australian native remains adamant that she was not at fault, telling Yahoo7 News the truck driver had ample opportunity to change lanes.

“Nothing I was doing was illegal, it was a Saturday morning and the only vehicle at the time was the truck, which got to me extremely quickly,” she said.

“Given the stretch of road is straight with dual lanes, he would have seen me well in advance, he would have had time to change lanes.

On November 30, Western Australia introduced a rule that requires vehicles leave at least a one metre gap in a 60km/h zone and a 1.5 metre gap for any higher speed.