Driver almost takes out cyclist before accusing him of riding 'outside bike lane'

A Perth cyclist has filmed the moment he was almost sideswiped by a driver drifting into the bike lane.

Matt Williams was riding in the bike lane on Beach Road at Waterman's Bay on Sunday afternoon, but he wasn’t alone.

Cameras on his bike show a Volvo driver swerving into the cycling lane coming within “five to ten centimetres” of the shaken cyclist.

Two minutes after the terrifying near miss, Mr Williams confronted the driver as he waited in traffic.

The footage appears to show the driver swerving in and out of the the cycling lane. Source: 7 News
Matt Williams said his bike started wobbling because of how close the car came to him. Source: 7 News

“You can’t drive in the bike line mate,” he can be heard telling the Volvo driver.

“I’ve got you on video and I’m reporting you to police.”

However, the driver wasn’t about to accept responsibility, replying “you are out of the lane, you were a foot out of the lane”.

Rear vision shows the car moving closer and closer to the cycling lane as it moves up the hill. Source: 7 News
Mr Williams said the car came within 5 to 10 centimetres of him. Source: 7 News

Vision taken from the rear camera on his bike appears that was not the case.

Seven cyclists have already been killed in Perth this year.

As of Thursday, a new law kicks in for Perth drivers meaning they face a $400 fine if failing to leave a one-metre gap when overtaking cyclists. That extends to one-and-a-half metres when driving faster than 60 km/h.