Will people on Sydney’s Bondi Beach be celebrating Australia Day?

We asked eight random people on Australia Day eve if they'll be celebrating the controversial holiday. Find out what they had to say.

Video transcript

- No, not going to be celebrating Australia Day. Yeah, just out of respect for the people whose lives have been super affected by it.

- Is it time to change the date?

- Abolish the day.

- I think we should keep Australia Day, definitely. We're a diverse nation now.

- I don't know if it's time to change the date. But maybe talk to change like the holiday's about.

- I don't think anyone knows what it's really firstly about, nor do they care.

- Don't want to see changed?

- I don't really care.

- I think Australia today should be kept where it is. It's a very significant day for the foundation of Australia. And the people complaining, they've got it all wrong.

- It's a day of mourning for my people and a lot of people in this country. It's a day that really brings a lot-- brings back a lot of trauma that has been passed down through generations, through my dad and my granddad, my grandfather.

- I take it it's just a bank holiday and you all just go to the beach and have a drink and swim and surf I take it.

- Well, it's quite a controversial holiday these days.

- Is it?

- Because of when it's held.

- What, So close to Christmas and New year?

- Do you think it would be a good idea to change the day?

- Woo, I'm not into that to be honest but why not?

- I think the English were quite good at going places and sort of taking over to some degree. I think it's a part of our history, which, like they say, you can't change history. You can change the future, you can affect the future but you certainly can't change history.

- Last question, do you think Australia is behind New Zealand?

- In terms of rugby or?

- In terms of reconciliation.

- Yeah, I think miles behind, yeah, 100%.