Pensioner suing Coles for $50,000 after allegedly slipping on banana

Jodi Lee

A Victorian pensioner is suing Coles for $50,000 in compensation after he slipped on a banana and broke his finger.

Rakesh Dhody, who is the primary carer for his chronically ill wife, says he is suing the supermarket giant after his pain and suffering left him unable to complete his "day-to-day working".

“This fourth finger got twisted from this angle, but now it has become straight,” Mr Dhody told 7 News.

Mr Dhody said he will take Coles to court if they refuse to fork out $50,000. Source: 7 News

The 63-year-old spent seven months in rehabilitation for the injury after slipping on an errant banana at the West Melbourne store.

“It was really very shocking and painful,” he said.

The pensioner said his finger became wedged in a shelf when he slipped in the Tarneit Coles. Source: 7 News

“If Wesfarmers or Coles doesn't compensate me by the end of this year, I'll go to the court next year.”

Woman awarded $90k after slipping on grape at Penrith Coles

The claim comes just one day after Coles was ordered to pay $90,000 to a mother-of-two who slipped on a grape and landed heavily on the floor.

Sangeeta Guru had tried to claim more than $1 million in damages including loss of earnings, domestic assistance and out-of-pocket expenses, before being awarded the $90,000 compensation in a NSW court.

NSW woman Sangeeta Guru was awarded $90,000 in compensation. Source: Facebook

Coles’ parent company Wesfarmers conducted an internal investigation at the Tarneit store and agreed to pay for Mr Dhody’s out of pocket costs.

But the company refuses to accept liability for the 63-year-old’s injury.

"We're going to have some accidents in our store, we make sure we do the right thing in terms of customer safety and team member safety," Coles managing director John Durkan said.