Pensioner devastated after copping $287 parking fine outside hospital

John Mayock received the fine while his wife was in the emergency department.

A Gold Coast pensioner has been slapped with a $287 parking fine after rushing his sick wife to hospital in March.

John Mayock believed his wife Deborah was showing signs of internal bleeding when he drove her to the emergency department at Gold Coast University Hospital, parking his car and quickly ushering her inside.

John and Deborah Mayock can be seen on a couch holding up the $287 parking fine.
John and Deborah Mayock rushed to the emergency department after Deborah was showing signs of internal bleeding before they received the $287 parking fine. Source: 9 News

His wife was reportedly treated throughout the night and the weekend, with Mr Mayock remaining by her side. "I wouldn't have left her for a minute with anybody," he told 9 News.

After the ordeal, Mr Mayock returned to his car to discover the almost $300 fine and immediately appealed it. "I was just shattered, I thought this was the kick in the teeth I don't need," he said. "I think they should be ashamed of themselves."

The parking fine marked with $287 can be seen.
Mr Mayock was slapped with a $287 parking fine. Source: 9 News

"I had no option," he continued, speaking on the urgency in which the pair approached the hospital. Mr Mayock parked his car in a one-hour parking zone, where his car remained for over four hours.

Pensioner appealing for a refund of the fine

This is the ninth time Mrs Mayock has been in hospital over a period of three years, with Mr Mayock believing authorities should refund him the money given the circumstances, however, they have denied his appeal.

"They said 'oh we're sorry for the delay, at this point we cannot waive the fine'."

The Health Department have said Mr Mayock can appeal the fine on compassionate grounds, 9 News reports.

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