Spanish pensioner, 64, gives birth to twins

A 64-year-old Spanish woman has become one of the world's oldest mothers after she gave birth to twins.

The woman, who has not been identified, is officially the second oldest mum in Spain's history, after the baby boy and girl were delivered by caesarean on Tuesday afternoon.

A spokesperson from Recoletas Hospital in Burgos said the twins and their mother were expected to remain in hospital for "four or five days".

"There were no problems, everything went according to plan," the hospital spokesperson said.

The hospital released video of the birth. Source: Recoletas Hospital
The hospital released video of the birth. Source: Recoletas Hospital

The spokesperson said the mother had travelled to the US to undergo IVF treatment before she returned to Spain pregnant.

"This is an exceptional case not only for the region, but also for Spain, given the fact that she’s one of the few women aged more than 58 who has managed to successfully complete her pregnancy with twins," the spokesperson said.

The oldest mother in history is Indian woman Omkari Panwar, who gave birth to twins at the age of 70.

Fellow Indian woman Daljinder Kaur was a few months shy of Panwar's record when she gave birth at the age of 70 after two years of IVF treatment.

Britain's oldest mother, Elizabeth Adeney, was 66 when she gave birth to her son after travelling to Ukraine for treatment.

The latest birth has sparked controversy in Spain, after local media reported the 64-year-old mother's first child was taken from her by social services.

Respected Spanish daily El Mundo said that child is now being cared for by relatives after authorities were concerned about the child's hygiene and lack of schooling.

The hospital spokesperson said she could not comment on the twins' care arrangements.