Pence: American people want ‘problem solvers, not payback’

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Yahoo News Chief National Correspondent Jon Ward, former Vice President Mike Pence responds to former President Donald Trump’s vow of “retribution” if elected for a second term. Pence tells Yahoo News, “In the next election I think the American people are going to be looking for problem solvers, not payback.”

Video transcript

JON WARD: What do you make of the comment, "I am your retribution?"

MIKE PENCE: I don't think that language belongs in the American political lexicon. Look, we've got some major issues facing this country about-- But in the next election, I think the American people are going to be looking. The problem solver is not payback.

JON WARD: Not what?

MIKE PENCE: Not pay back.

JON WARD: Does a comment like that make you at all concerned for your own safety if you were to become elected President again?


JON WARD: Why not?

MIKE PENCE: I'm never concerned about safety. I've often told my kids, the place in the world is to be in the center of Gods work. If you're responding to a calling, you're given the opportunity to serve. I've never giving it-- never giving it a thought. And there's a lot harder jobs for America than anything I've ever done.