Passenger Plane’s Nose and Cockpit Windows Destroyed After Flying Through Unexpected Hailstorm

The storm was “not visible on the weather radar,” Austrian Airlines confirmed to PEOPLE

<p>exithamster/Instagram</p> The Austrian Airlines plane


The Austrian Airlines plane's nose and cockpit windows were destroyed after the storm

An Austrian Airlines passenger plane was seriously damaged after flying through an unexpected hailstorm on Sunday, June 9.

Flight OS434 was traveling from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to Vienna, Austria, when it “encountered a thunderstorm cell,” the airline confirmed to PEOPLE.

“The aircraft encountered a thunderstorm cell during approach to Vienna, which according to the cockpit crew, was not visible on the weather radar. As of now, the hail has damaged the two front cockpit windows, the aircraft nose (radome), and some coverings,” the airlines stated.

They added that “a Mayday distress call was made” due to the severe damage.

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<p>exithamster/Instagram</p> Photo of the damage to the plane's nose and cockpit windows


Photo of the damage to the plane's nose and cockpit windows

Photos posted on Instagram by user @exithamster show almost the entire nose of the Airbus 1320 broken off in the aftermath of the storm. The cockpit’s front windows appear to be completely cracked as well.

The aircraft was carrying 173 passengers and six crew members in total.

Despite the damage, “the aircraft was able to land safely at Vienna-Schwechat Airport” and “all passengers on the flight were unharmed,” per the airline.

“The Austrian Airlines technical team is already tasked with assessing the specific damage to the aircraft,” they added. “The safety of our passengers and crews is the top priority for Austrian Airlines.

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<p>exithamster/Instagram</p> Passengers disembarking the plane


Passengers disembarking the plane

Passenger Emmeley Oakley opened up to ABC News about the terrifying experience.

"I think we were about 20 minutes from landing when we got into a cloud of hail and thunderstorm, and the turbulence started," the passenger told the outlet via text message on June 9.

"We could definitely feel the hail coming down on the plane and it was quite loud and ofc super rocky for a minute," Oakley added.

<p>exithamster/Instagram</p> Another view of the damage following the hailstorm


Another view of the damage following the hailstorm

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The turbulent flight comes weeks after one passenger died and nearly 70 were injured aboard Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 from London to Singapore on May 21. The Boeing 777-300ER was cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet when it fell nearly 6,000 feet due to unexpected turbulence.

In a statement shared on social media, the airline said, “Singapore Airlines offers its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased. Our priority is to provide all possible assistance to all passengers and crew on board the aircraft.”

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