Paris Hilton reveals heartwarming meaning behind daughter's middle name

Paris Hilton paid tribute to her grandmother credit:Bang Showbiz
Paris Hilton paid tribute to her grandmother credit:Bang Showbiz

Paris Hilton has paid tribute to her grandmother with her daughter's middle name.

The 43-year-old star and her husband Carter Reum welcomed her baby girl London Marilyn into the world five months ago, and there is an heartwarming connection between her and Paris' 15-month-old son Phoenix Barron.

Speaking on her iHeartRadio 'I Am Paris' podcast, she said: "I wanted to honour my grandmother, Marilyn. I think it's such a beautiful name.

"And Phoenix, his middle name is Barron, which is my grandfather's name. It was just an honour of both of them, and I love them so much.

"I love Marilyn Monroe as well."

Meanwhile, the socialite also opened up on the "beautiful and unique" idea behind her daughter's first name.

She explained: "I chose London as her name because it's one of my favorite cities in the world.

"And ever since I was a little girl, I just always dreamed of having a little daughter named London.

"I think it also sounds so cute together, Paris and London, and it's just such a beautiful and unique name."

There is even added significance with London's double number birthday, after she was born on November 11 last year.

Paris said: "Obviously, as you all know, 11/11 is such an important date to me, [an] important time.

"Carter and I were married on 11/11. My media company is named 11:11 Media. I make a wish every single day at 11:11. So for my daughter to be born on that date was just magical and so special.

"So, perfect birthday for my little princess."

Last week, Paris revealed her first family photo featuring her baby girl.

She wrote: "Introducing London Marilyn Hilton-Reum. I've dreamed of having a daughter named London for as long as I can remember.

"I'm so grateful she is here. I truly cherish every moment I spend with her.

"Together with Phoenix, my angel babies have shown me a love that I never even knew could run so deep before I became their mother."