Parents struggling to find baby formula for children make desperate plea to Woolies

A Sydney father has made a desperate plea to Woolworths, claiming he is struggling to feed his toddlers due to the store’s change to the baby formula limit.

Ivan Chan and two other customers wrote a letter to the Sydney Metro store last Monday, asking Woolworths to bring its limit back down to two tins per customer.

In August, Woolworths decided to scrap the existing limit, quadrupling it to eight tins per person.

“We have to keep calling stores all over Sydney to feed our children,” Mr Chan’s handwritten letter read.

Ivan Chan and two other customers penned a letter to the Sydney Metro store. Photo: Facebook/ Woolworths

“The problem has become acutely worse since Woolworths increased the limit to eight tins.

“We demand Woolworths bring the limit back down to ensure adequate supply for Australian families.”

The letter was signed by three frustrated parents, but Mr Chan said he is yet to receive a response from the supermarket giant.

An empty shelf showing one brand of baby formula cleared out at a Woolworths store in August. Photo: Woolworths/Emma Garrard

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo7 the company recently changed the “formula tin limit as a result of improving supply in the market”.

“We continue to carefully monitor stock availability, supply arrangements and feedback from customers and will adjust the limit again if needed,” the statement said.

The change to the baby formula limit comes after shoppers referred to as ‘daigou’ were filmed raiding Australian supermarkets, often before the tins even hit the shelves.

They send the tins to China to cash in on that country’s seemingly insatiable demand for premium instant formula.