Holidaying parents criticised for leaving teen at home after party turns wild

The Sydney parents of a 16-year-old girl have defended their decision to leave her at home while going on holiday despite the teen throwing a party that quickly spiralled out of control.

The Kings Langley couple have been criticised by neighbours for leaving their 16-year-old daughter at home for a couple of days.

Within 10 hours of her parents leaving for a holiday, the 16-year-old invited a group of friends over for a Tuesday night party.

Another 15 uninvited teenagers soon gatecrashed the house, resulting in property being destroyed, a policeman needing surgery and a young girl being punched in the face.

A teen was arrested after a wild party in Kings Langley on Tuesday night. Source: 7 News
Sunrise guest panellists Cath Webber and Prue MacSween said the parents did not deserve to be treated so harshly for leaving their 16-year-old daughter unattended. Source: Sunrise

Social commentator Cath Webber told Sunrise she felt sorry for the parents, saying they had every right to leave their teenage daughter unattended at home.

"They're 16 years old, they can now legally drive a car if there's a parent in the car, they are allowed to hold down a job, they can legally leave home," she said.

"I feel sorry for this girl, I think any of us who had a bit of time to ourselves when our parents were away, who didn't throw a party?

"She got busted in a big way, she's paying the price, I don't think her parents should be attacked."

Prue MacSween added that the decision should be based on how much trust parents have in their children.

The parents say they are furious that their daughter broke their trust but said comments from neighbours were disgraceful.

"We have the right to leave them for one or two days," the girl's mum said.

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