Parents outraged after daycare worker reveals 'secret'

A daycare worker who left an anonymous note with a frank admission about the way they treat children has shocked parents online.

The damning note was shared to Facebook group PostSecret earlier this week and was quickly inundated with angry responses from disgruntled users.

PostSecret is a page which allows anonymous followers share their secrets by mail before they are shared online via the group.

The worker suggested that children whose parents are rude to staff are subsequently punished.

Daycare parent, how you treat ME is how your child is treated. Respect and appreciation go a long way,” the note reads.

Hundreds suggested the employee was working in the wrong field and that children shouldn’t have to suffer because of this.

“Dear daycare provider: please please find a different job. All kids should be treated with love and respect,” one comment read.

The daycare worker’s frank admission stunned the online community. Source: Getty, file.

“A child is NOT a scapegoat for your s***** mindset. Get out of the field if you can’t understand that,” another user said.

“I’m disgusted by this! I worked in childcare for many years and was treated poorly by some parents, and I would never take out my frustrations on their child!” one former childcare worker said.

“This is so wrong on so many levels,” another user bluntly said.

One comment even suggested that the employee should treat the children of rude parents better because they have to deal with their parents ways when at home.

The admission comes the same week a baby was left in a daycare after staff had shut up shop for the weekend.