Pair accused of Facebook scam

Police alleged the scam was set up vie Facebook Marketplace. Picture: NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw

A man and woman have been charged with staging a fake Facebook Marketplace robbery over a high-end designer handbag.

Police alleged the Melbourne pair staged the robbery in May, before allegedly selling the handbag and splitting the profit.

The 21-year-old Gladstone Park woman and 28-year-old Broadmeadows man received bail and are due back in court in October.

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The man and woman have been bailed after allegedly setting up the fake sale via social media. Picture: iStock

In a statement released on Wednesday, police say the woman organised to meet the seller and inspected the high-end designer bag, worth thousands of dollars.

“Officers have been told that during the meeting, the female buyer allegedly inspected the item, before a man approached her, and then assaulted and robbed her of the handbag before fleeing,” a police spokesperson said.

Police alleged the pair know each other, sold the bag and split the profit.

The female has been charged with perjury, theft and handle stolen goods.

The man has been charged with theft, handle stolen goods, and obtain property by deception.

They are expected to appear in the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on October 9.