P-plate driver's 'inconsiderate' parking job at shopping centre

Josh Dutton
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A P-plater has copped a serve from a Sydney woman after she returned to find her door blocked due to an “inconsiderate” parking job at a shopping centre.

The woman, a resident of Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west, posted a photo of two cars parked next to each other on Facebook.

“Got back from shopping to put groceries in the car to discover that I can’t get in the driver’s door after some a***hole P-plater did this,” she wrote.

Two adjacent cars are pictured parked almost touching each other at a Marrickville shopping centre.
Understandably the woman driving the red car wasn't happy with the driver of the car next to her. Source: Facebook

She’s referring to the fact the P-plater parked their rear left wheel of their silver Hyundai over the white line.

The Hyundai is parked so close to its neighbour that the rear-view mirrors appear to be touching.

People on Facebook were less than impressed by the P-plater’s parking job.

“What a drip,” one woman wrote.

Another woman called the P-plate driver “inconsiderate”, adding the photo made her “blood boil”.

Others simply asked how she managed to squeeze her car out of the park.

How did the woman get out of the park?

The woman wrote she figured out how to reverse out of the space and did it by pushing the Hyundai’s rear-view mirror inwards so she wouldn’t hit it.

“The side of his car has numerous scrapes so I figured it’s a habit,” she wrote.

Parking correctly seems to be a difficult concept for some people to grasp.

At least if a photo of a car parked outside a licence testing facility in Melbourne is anything to go by.

The image, which emerged last week, shows a white Toyota Corolla mounted on the curb outside a VicRoads licence testing centre.

Though it's not clear how it came to be stuck, it was in need of a tow truck to get out of the predicament.

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